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Best boot for me in NE

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Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. I am a 37 year old male 6"4" 180 pound skier in New England. I ski 6-7 times a year at some of the medium-sized (ie. Sunapee) with a couple of overnights at Sunday River as well...I would rate myself an aggressive skier 8/10 ability who likes to ski the intermediate and expert slopes. I like to ski groomed as well as a try at bumps and powder when available.

I've skied for 10 years now, mostly on pre-owned Nordica boots which are a little uncomfortable. I don't know the model...

I would like to pick up some 2007 boots at a discount and/or get some recommendations about the 2008 boots. I'm hoping to get recommendation for my boot-shopping for 4-5 boots to try. I will probably be upgrading my skis in the next year as well!

My foot dimensions based on a foot tracing:
Length: 26.5
Forefoot: 10.5
Heel: 6.5
Calf at widest part: 30.5

Thanks again!
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best thing is not what is the best boot, but who is the best boot fitter to go and see, there are a few really good guys in the vermont/new hampshire area listed here on the site, make an appointment to go see one, spend some time and a little money and see what they think is best, if they have a boot in the sale then you may get a bargain if not they may be able to point you in the direction of the right models.

do remember that if you buy the boot in the sale you will still have fitting /footbeds etc to pay for so often it doesn't work out to be much less than buying the in season boot

as someone on here has said similar.... cheap may be good but correct is better

good luck
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Agree with Colin. I see people all the time that purchased boot on sale somewhere and when it is uncomfortable come to me for fitting. Assuming I can even work with the boot by the time they pay me they've spent as much if not more and used up some of their valuable time. If you need to ask us what is recommended then best thing is to use one of us or someone like us from the fit/purchase on.

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