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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
just show up I ski with anyone as long as they pick up their cell phone.

on the richie-rich thing though, something leads me to believe that he is very much like this video...BTW if your at work the audio is NSFW but the video is ok to be seen. I am sure you have all seen it before.

LOL...I've seen that one, still funny. I do know guys that are just like that (or were, we're 37 now, not a kids....or at least that's what they tell us). But in my early 20's I was almost like that. Funny thing is that I lived in Queens and now live on the South Shore. Now-a-days I am rather low key and do my thing and live my life relatively quietly.
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post
Anytime, my man.... Hey, you have a lot more money than I do... why don't you come to the Masters race at my home hill this season? I'll get you free lift tickets.

Also, at some point this winter, I will be working with a rep in New York. He lives in West Nyack, so not too far from some skiing. We'll hook up for sure if you can get away.
Sounds good to me....I like to set my marks high, thats why I always aim for the top gun.
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