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Water Ramps

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Anyone have any experience with the water ramps at Lake Placid? I have done the ones at Whistler and want to get a little practice on my 360's before the ski season starts. There is a website but I couldn't find any contact info. does anyone know if there is coaching available and who you need to talk to. Any help would be great
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Ed, Welcome to Epic!

Here's some recent discussions amongst members and supporters with Freestyle Camp experience

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We talked about going up, but never made it.
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Thats too bad, I would really like to go. Who do you need to talk to set thing up or do you just show up?
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I have some experience at Lake Placid. Will be posting in the trip report with vid. It won't be pretty.

I got the **** kicked out of me. It was a bad day but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. I am 54 yrs old and that day I wasn't on my game. I had no business being there.

Check the vid in the trip report page when I get them posted.

How are your jumping skills and how old are you?
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I took a look at your thread. Sorry to hear about your experience. Are you feeling any better? Were you wearing a helmet? I am surprised you didn't do any straight jumps at first just to get the feel for things. I actually have done the water ramps three times this summer at Whistler. They wouldn't turn on the bubbles there so the landing were quite hard. I actually thought I got a concussion too until I realized that one of my contact lenses had fallen out... Technically my air is poor. Even though I think I am popping off the lip I am usually absorbing it. Bad bad... I am working on my heli's, nothing inverted. I crashed many on snow so I would rather crash in the pool. By the way I am 35 but aging fast if I keep crashing my 360s... How did you go about seeting up the session. I can't figure out who to call to get any information.
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Feeling better - slow but sure. Helmet was on, but not mouth piece. That might have helped.

I was not up-side-down, just rolled forward and landed on my chest/face. Somehow the water focused on my left eye and it was like a serious punch. Black eye and bad neck pain plus that dazed and confussed feeling.

I'll get you info on how to do it. You need to join USSA ($60). Call the coach and set up a time. $60 for pool and 18 for coach - something like that. You work on the tramp for a while. It's pretty cool but you can get hurt, and I am living proof
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I was mountain biking one time at Whistler and came upon the freestyle training center. Very very cool to watch.
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Originally Posted by thefrush View Post
I was mountain biking one time at Whistler and came upon the freestyle training center. Very very cool to watch.
I've been to both facilities, Placid is the nicer of the two. Seeing how big these jumps are, increases my respect for Mr. Jones. I want to be like him if I grow up.
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I have heard the same thing. Looking forward to seeing your trip report Paul.
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