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Binding suggestion

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Im looking for a binding sugestion for the rossignol bandit B3W flat. The ski is 160cm. 120-83-110 , 06/07 modle year. The wife is 5.4 140 lbs level 7. Boots are Head Dream Thang 10,s 289mm. She will use this ski out west in utah powder and groomer,s and would like to use them some back home in the east, PA/WV/MD I have a brand new set of Tyrolia SLD11 Railflex 2 bindings and rails but not sure if this is the way to go?? Any sugestions would be appreciated,thanks
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Rossignol would recommend either the Rossignol Saphir or the Axial 2. Based on your wife's level, the Saphirs will be perfect. The standard brake is 80mm and will have to be tweaked to work or you can get the 100mm wide brake model. Check backcountry.com, they had the 110 Pro version for around $80 with the standard brakes. I've seen the wide brake yellow version that matches the skis (if this is important to her) on ebay for around $120.
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Thanks MJB
I think the saphir 110 was my thought to, i found a set at alpinewarehouse for around $120 and they were yellow although she does not care if they match,I think you right on.
thanks again
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