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Summer Backpacking Pics

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A few pics from summer backpacking trips.

High Uintas Wilderness Area, Eastern Utah:

Yard Peak

Allsop Lake

Corbet the Dog looking over Allsop


Yard Peak

Stillwater Creek and Hayden Peak

Kermsuh Lake and Hayden Peak
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More Uintas:

Reminants of a large avalanche

Uinta Wildflowers

Corbet crossing a river on a log, we followed

A few weeks earlier and these chutes can be skied. Next year!

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Cool photos, Alta.

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Wasatch Mountains, Utah:

Little Cottonwood Creek, spring run off

Me taking a break in Coalpit Gulch, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Climbing up the cold waterfall in Coalpit

Cecret Lake

Alta Moose

Devil's Castle

Enjoy, more to come!
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very, very nice. thanks for the candy.
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Yes ,very nice. Thanks.
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And pretty good conditioning for leg muscles etc.
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Great photo's
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Awesome! Thanks.
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I notice the lack of a summer OR winter climbing picture of a Fantasy Ridge climb!!

Otherwise, very nice.
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