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My Little Barking Bear Cub Has Arrived!

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Our little "Ski Bunny" - Carly Rae arrived on Friday, 8/22/08 at 6:25 p.m. weighing 6.0 lbs. and measuring 20.75 inches long. My due date wasn't until Labor Day, however early Friday morning I noticed that she wasn't doing her usual kickboxing routine and started to get concerned.

I went to the hospital where they did an Ultra-sound that showed she hadn't grown since the ultra-sound that I had had 2 weeks prior, and she had dropped from the 20% in weight down to the 5%. We decided it was time for her to have an early exit so that I could feed her better and fatten her up, so they started inducing me with pitocin, which is a drug that starts contractions. That however, was stopped abruptly when the monitors indicated that Carly's heartbeat dropped every time that I had a contraction and every time that she moved. The next step was an emergency c-section. I had natural births with my other 3 children, so this was a bit scary to me along with the fact that I had never had an epidural or spinal before so that was a whole new and hopefully soon forgetable experience. I have a whole new admiration for people with spinal cord injuries.

After about an hour of being tugged at and pulled on, which I couldn't feel, but the whole operating table was moving, Carly let out a loud yell to let me know she was o.k.
The doctor's dead silence throughout the proceedure was very nerve wrecking, however, after hearing how close to loosing the baby we were, I can appreciate the fact that the docs were working way too hard to get her out, than to talk to me or my husband. Carly's umbilical cord was over 2 times the normal length and it was wrapped around her little neck almost 4 times. She also had 2 complete knots in her cord, which explained why she wasn't gaining any weight and had stopped thriving. The reason the whole table was shaking during the proceedure was they had to untangle her before they could deliver her. The doctors had never seen a cord that long and when there is a knot in the cord, there is normally not a very good outcome, and I had 2 knots.

I Hope that this wasn't too much info to share with you all, but I wanted to tell you of Carly's Grand Entrance into this world. Somebody has big plans for this little girl after trying to get her here so hard. She was conceived 8 years after we had decided to stop at 3 kids with my husband having surgery, and then with my age at 44, the odds were a little against me. That along with the fact that most babies don't have the luck that she did on surviving the problems that she got into before delivery, she truly is a little miracle. Maybe she'll be the the greatest olympic downhill skier ever since she spent most of her time on the inside leading me down the hill all winter long!
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So, where's she going for her first ski trip?

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Happy birthday to mother and daughter. Must have been quite scary to have things go so far afield from the original plan. So glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy in the end. Congratulations!
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I've been wondering about you. God Bless lil' Caly!!!
I can recommend a good ski instructor for her as soon as she's got a proper boot fit
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Congratulations! Sounds like a scary entrance she made. Sometime when life calms down, let's see some pics of the bear cub
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Congratulations to mom, dad, and especially to little Carly Rae. I predict great things for her because she's obviously a little fighter.

You must have had a VERY good team of doctors, nurses, and support people. I'm glad it turned out so well.
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Welcome to the world Carly Rae!
Our youngest member comes with complete Level 3 training.

We know she does inverted, but someone must have forgotten "no rotation" .
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Whether the wee babe is Carly Rae or Caly Rae, welcome and best wishes for a long and joyful life after scaring her parents and doctors so badly on her entrance.
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Thanks for sharing that story. Glad to hear that everything worked out for you and Carly Rae.
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Wonderful news!

PS Can we just start calling her "Diet" or "Low-Fat" now and skip the pre-junior-high years?
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Thanks everybody for your warm replies! I especially liked yours Cirquerider about the over-rotation problem. .

Nolo, thanks for pointing out that I had originally typed her name wrong. It is "Carly Rae".

Comprex, right now we're just calling her "Lucky"!

Happy Mamma Anne
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I suddenly feel the need to call my daughter! Congrats!
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Congrats, this is just to get you ready for the teen years.
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Congratulations all around Anne!
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Happy Birthday, little baby, and a speedy recovery to Mom! Rest easy.
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Welcome to our world you lucky girl. That's great Anne. Are you doing ok too ?

Cool ,the world needs another snowboarder. At least that's what my 4 kids turned into .
Ah whatever as long as we all share the love it's all good.

Congratulations to Anne and the happy father.
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Here's a link to a picture of Carly Rae Mattack.

Go to the following link, and then be sure to click on the other picture. The second picture looks much more like her than the one that shows up first.

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Welcome! congrats to the whole family.
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She is Beautiful!!
I can't figure out if that's a smile on her face or the look of giving mom the dickens.
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Wow! Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful, and with a good head of hair too. Hope all of you are doing well.
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Great news! Congratulations!

Sleep well.........one day soon
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Snowmiser, thanks for sharing Carly's story with us, and a big congrats to Mom and Dad (And little scrapper Carly too). Yikes, I was nervous just reading about it. What a cutie she is. I think I see a downhiller in those eyes.
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Congratulations and enjoy the time. It seems like yesterday when we brought our daughter into the world. In the proverbial blink of an eye she's eighteen and off to college. Savor the changes that are about to unfold.
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Congratulations ! She is gorgeous !
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