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Who makes boot to fit me?

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I know this is a genral question and boots come in all shapes and sizes but I have a 10.5E sized foot. I struggle to find a boot that fits well and suits my requirements. I spend most of my skiing either in the park or in powder, I don;t spend a heap of time on the groomers. I want a boot that will suit my needs but fit me. The dalbello's sound like they are the best boots for what I want but the last on them just sounds like it would be too small for me. Is there any brands who do a top end freestyle/freeski boot that has the width for me?

I currently have salomon X wave 10's and while they are great width, they havew packed out quick and now don't fit all thta well. With this in mind I would like to steer away from this brand of boot.

One other question, I live in Australia and will be coming to the US and skiing Apsen Snowmass in Feb 09, can anyone suggest a good boot fitter that I can see who will stock a good range to help out with my needs.

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See Jack Rafferty at the Thotic Shop in the mall at Snowmass.

Do not buy a boot based on what you have read in the magazines or a freind tells you is the hot s%$t.

See a great bootfitter with a good selection of brands and models and make your decision based on what you feel through guidance of an expert like Jack.
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have you looked on the list of bootfitters on this site?

I bet that some are in the aspen area and can help you find the right boot.
look for the right bootfitter, and let THEM find the right boot
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If your measurements of your foot are correct, it is not that wide. If you skied and liked the x-wave ten and liked it- at least the shell width- drop in an intuition or another replacement liner.

You have not mentioned your frame size. Tecnica makes some boots that are wide, but they are usually too soft for stronger or larger skiers.
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All good advice. E is wide, but not scary. There are any number of boots wide enough for your foot without much modification.

I don't know Jack, but if Starthaus recommends him probably go with that and have fun in Aspen.

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What Jim says! also Jim Lindsay is another good choice at Highlands.

and welcome to Epic!!
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