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Fresh Start

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For crying out loud, It is snowing outside!

Right the heck NOW!

So. Vt season starts.


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NICE! I saw 10 minutes of flakes over Labor Day weekend up at our place at Stratton, and a bit of it here in Boston one morning about 10 days ago. Killington is open with 8 trails, and Okemo is supposed to open on Thursday. I think I may come up there this weekend to get my footbed situation sorted out at GMOL and pick up my skis at the Starting Gate (getting their yearly "professional" tune). It's a crappy cold rain in Beantown right now, but I'm hoping it's snowing in Northcountry tonight ;^)
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Good to see you back around here! Thought you had fallen off the face of the earth...

Are you going to be around for the ETU at Stowe, mid- Dec? Be great to see you again (on nearly your home turf).

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Dang you. It's 60's here and rainy. :
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