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Flashback: November 2, 2002. Riding up the first Gondola of the day at Killington with Rick from the Basin. Top to bottom on dozens of trails with boot deep powder. Rick looks at me and says "I've been going to Portillo for quite a few years now. It seems that whatever type of winter they have there, we have in Vermont the following winter. Their winter was incredible!"

I thought to myself - I regret having not bought the season pass this year.

Bought tickets from AE for the following:

Okemo 3
Sugarbush 2
Killington 10
Bromley 1

Had a couple of passes to Killington from last year. Bought a couple more on the cheap at the window at the begining of the year.

Pico 4
Hunter 2

Subtotal - 24

Bought the Killington end of the year pass - put ten days in so far.

34 and counting. Want at least one more day in.

Probably spent the same amount of money as I would have had I bought a season pass. Able to hit 6 mountains.

Hoped to get out west, but was not dropping 2 grand for a long weekend of skiing when I am out of work and have not found a job yet.

Too many thrills to count.
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Ended my season today (04/19/03)at Searchmont in Canada. It was my 103rd day. Previous prediction of reaching 103 was held off by a freezing rain day we had the first week in April before all my "local" areas closed April 6.
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Hola! BC: Sun Peaks 4, Whistler Blackcomb 9. Spain: Formigal 1, Candanchu 1, Cerler 3, Sierra Nevada 5. Total 23, par for the course!

Looking towards Chile this summer (more of a pipe dream)...

Will possibly do more once our kid (4 yrs.) can ski with us all day (not the Kid's places), which should be at age 6. He's already carving!

Question: What is best ski-related/helpful sport or activity for the off-season? I now jog 8-9 Km. 6 days/week, but that can get somewhat boring...

Thank You!
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Inline skating...

Find an IISA instructor to get some hints over the summer...(get a good scissor stance going - for braking & rough ground - also parallel & slalom turns)

Find a nice LONG gentle hill... skate up (leg exercise) & parallel or slalom turn down (edging/turning skills)...

Your balance will also improve a lot if you do it regularly
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Originally posted by Gpaul:

Question: What is best ski-related/helpful sport or activity for the off-season? I now jog 8-9 Km. 6 days/week, but that can get somewhat boring...

Thank You!

the second page has ideas on how to make your cardio more ski specific

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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
How many ski days do you have under your belt so far this season? How many do you hope to get? How many different resorts did you ski? Did you have any major breakthroughs on skis this season? Did you nail that line you have been eyeing for a few years? Did you take a lesson that drastically improved your skill set? Did a friend teach you something that you could not live without now? Did you get that powder dump that you have hoped for? Did you nail that bump line? How about that new trick? Did you have fun? Lets hear it!
1. 35
2. more
3. 9
4.skied the pow a lot better than last year,skied the bumps better too. Lessons at Jax helped.
5. finaly skied k-27 at Hunter. Yes its a steep bumped up nightmare, after 7 years of looking at it I jumped in and did it.
6.All day lesson at Jax, totaly changed the way I ski bumps.
7. no
8. April dump in utah, booked plane ride,booked house,skied powder up to my waist. only pow I got all year.
9. man did I have fun all year.
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