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I will ski about 20 actual days this year - Whistler, Alta, Brighton, Snowbasin, Brianhead, Snowbird and Lee Canyon (Vegas...)

Skiing in Whistler counts for 2 days anywhere else
Utah counts for 1.5 days anywhere else
Lee Canyon counts for .3 days anywhere else

With the new math, that comes out to about 30 equivalent days.

Other things that I pondered this year:

510,000 feet of vert skied so far
Watched each of my 37 ski videos at least once
Downloaded one song that had skiing in the lyrics
Came back from the SIA show with lust for two new pieces of technology (Aerogel and Airvantage)
Landed more grabs than I had planned for the year
Have not landed the 20 footer yet
Yearned for the day when the Luxor pyramid had snow on it again so that I can take a picture of our steepest local "mountain"
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13 Days at 2 different resorts. Obergatlinburg TN and Sugar MTN NC. Made major breakthroughs including my first completely carved turns this year, along with improving my mogul and steep technique. Skied about 75,000 vert I guess, and spent a total of about 130 hours on slope. All in all, it was a great second year!

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21 days so far, might get a couple more still.

3-Deer Valley

Had 3 great powder days at Alta, 1 at Snowbird. Got my first fat skis (PR's) and really had the most fun skiing powder I've ever had.
Peter Keelty showed me a technique at DV on that gave me something new to work on and really helped my skiing overall. Also skied more bumps this year than I had in a long time. The most fun year I've had in awhile.
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How many ski days do you have under your belt so far this season? How many do you hope to get?
Eight days in my season. A personal best. [img]smile.gif[/img]

How many different resorts did you ski?
Two. Four days in Steamboat in December followed by four days in Grand Targhee in March. {Photos}

Did you have any major breakthroughs on skis this season? Did you nail that line you have been eyeing for a few years? Did you take a lesson that drastically improved your skill set? Did a friend teach you something that you could not live without now? Did you get that powder dump that you have hoped for? Did you nail that bump line? How about that new trick? Did you have fun? Lets hear it!
Every day on skis this winter was memorable for me. My goal was to get out my defensive habits and start trying to carve some. Between some excellent Bear's advice from here and a good lesson in Steamboat, I made what I thought was great progress. Steamboat saw the Epic powder day(s) of dreams. New snow everyday got continously deeper and lighter as the week went. The last day was at least knee deep (That was on the "groomed" runs to waist deep. The last day saw a lot of terrain opened for the first time that season and it was simply amazing to weave down entire thigh deep runs. Of course I had no choice but to learn to survive powder very quickly. The powder covered bumbs allowed me to try that for the first time and actually enjoy it. I skied with a Bear for the first time. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] He, stmbtres, coaxed me into a few trees. In GT I used the vast, open trees to learn to love it.
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0 ( zero ) but wait till the snow start flying down here!!!!

At least I went downhill inline skating with poles in the street a couple of times !!!! Buaaaaahh!! :
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Even with the late start here in the PacNW, I'm at 39 days total.
34 at the home hill (Summit at Snoqualmie)
2 at Crystal Mt, WA
2 at Whistler/Blackcomb, BC
1 at Northstar, Tahoe

I'll catch another 3 or 4 at the Summit depending on the weather.
Scheduled for a week at Mt Batchelor, OR where we'll catch 4 or 5
We may do White Pass, WA and Crystal Mt one more time but we shall see.

For nice long ski seasons it's hard to beat this corner of the country.
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Got in 27 days before the season finally melted away. A good year for me here in central New York is about 35 days.
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I envy some of you. How the hell do you get to ski so much? I’m at 20 ski days and going to Killington this weekend. It’s been some of the coldest skiing ever for me in the northeast. The coldest day was at Waterville Valley with temps at the summit at –16 and winds gusting at 40 to 50 mph giving us wind chills of –48 to –52 degrees. No exposed skin that day.

Sunday River
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Alta - 72 days (? lost exact count)
Brighton - 6 days before Alta opened and one night since
Snowbird - 4 days (crossed over from Alta probably 10 days)
Snowbasin - 1 day
Powder Mountain - 1 day

We just bought some new dirt bikes so that's distracting us from skiing the whole weekend now, but we end up skiing in the morning and riding in the afternoon on weekends, so that works too. [img]smile.gif[/img] Just makes me REALLY sore on Mondays.

One thing I realized this season is that I'm done paying for the combo pass. I'll just get an Alta pass next year and upgrade if I feel like going to Snowbird - especially since they're closing earlier this year. With that new development I might not even break even on the Snowbird part of my pass.
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Originally posted by nikonfme:
I envy some of you. How the hell do you get to ski so much?
1) change jobs to get closer to snow/more time off to ski in winter
2)allocate all spare cash(& some not spare) to skiing
3)stay in reasonable priced accom
4) buy seasons pass - if you ski enough it becomes VERY cheap
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1) change jobs to get closer to snow/more time off to ski in winter
2)allocate all spare cash(& some not spare) to skiing
3)stay in reasonable priced accom
4) buy seasons pass - if you ski enough it becomes VERY cheap

I'm two hours away and I head up every weekend in the winter. It just amazes me when I see 50, 60 70+ days of skiing.

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20 - Smuggler's Notch

Will get 1 more this weekend.

I got smoother on the steeps this year. I watched a guy effortlessly negotiate a pitch that had been nothing but trouble for me. The next week, I mentioned it to him and asked him how he did it. He explained the way he angulated and how he held his body out over his planks to better engage his edges, even though it was scary. Over the next few weeks, I went to work on it and lo, no problemo now. The big volume of snow helped out at Smuggs this year. Steeps that in the past had all kinds of bones sticking up were now nicely covered so instead of turn-stop, turn-stop, you could really get something going.

[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Let's see.

I think I'm at about 35 days since the season started. Snowbird, Snowbasin, Alta, Deer Valley, Jackson Hole, Brighton, Solitude, and assorted backcountry. For such a hit-or-miss snow year, I had some really magnificent powder skiing, especially in the backcountry.

I had a really fun time meeting and skiing with a whole bunch of you at the Gathering. It was a pretty interesting posse at Alta for awhile. I also got to watch Mary ski her teles oh-so-smoothly through some really gunky snow in Mineral Basin.

I don't know that I had any giganic breakthroughs this year, but I do know that I'm going to go practice my hop turns every chance I get during the next few outings (obscure reference to another thread). [img]tongue.gif[/img]

One notable event... I had my first-ever collision with another skier. A guy clipped me from behind at Snowbird. I had absolutely no ill effects whatever (didn't even fall over), but he had a major blowup/yard sale. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. It was interesting.

All in all, a very satisfying season. Of course, it's not over by a long shot. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Originally posted by nikonfme:
I’m at 20 ski days and going to Killington this weekend.
Originally posted by nikonfme:

I'm two hours away and I head up every weekend in the winter. It just amazes me when I see 50, 60 70+ days of skiing.
There are only 10 weekends from Dec-April? :
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Ski days: 86 days on the snow so far, and counting, with most of them in Steamboat. Included among them are five days in Brighton for the Academy, one day at Alta after the Academy, one day in Vail to ski with visiting friends, a few days in Winter Park and Breckenridge accompanying my younger son to his freestyle competitions, and a day of powdercat skiing in our big backyard (Buffalo Pass).

Major breakthroughs: 1) I learned (thanks Arcmeister and Tog) that skiing the groomed isn't boring, as I was beginning to think. I learned that I can always find incredible challenge there in improving and refining technique, and that improvement spills over into all other conditions. 2) I'm finally putting together longer, flowing runs in both bumps and tighter trees, rather than just focusing on individual turns. Part of that came from improvements in technique, and part of that came from adjustments in attitude (thanks Si). 3) I learned that my shorty slalom skis are not the ideal ski for me in all conditions and terrain. Just because I've skied them in all conditions doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy those conditions so much more with other skis (thanks new near-end-of-season-eBay-purchased Pocket Rockets).

I had many, many good times skiing with friends this year. Among the best were those few days at the Academy. I'm looking forward to skiing with Arcmeister, Tog, Si, TomB, and other Bears in the future.


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Got about 14 days. You guys that ski 100 are lucky. I envy you. I'm still in high school, so I have to wait for a holiday or weekend. I have a season pass to Park City, so that's where I ski. I did improve drastically this season. Finally skied some bowls. Did some tree skiing. Before this season, I could barely carve. But I think that I'm alright, except for the bumps. Plenty of time to work on that next year.
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How about this for Illinois, two days at cascade, a day at granite peak, a day at chesnut, and an almost perfectly timed six day visit to winter park last week. somehow I managed to become the best in Illinois, chesnut mtn(illinois hills, go figure) and winter park for nastar racing in my age division. The winter park course is a very kind one indeed. Hearing the exploits of other bears gives me hope for next season... maybe if I can down on that last gate... important lesson of the season=slalom skis do not float in powder
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69 days and counting, not to bad for a guy that works 40 hours a week, two hours from Okemo.
Break thoughs, I would say learning to ski bumps in control, I'm not into the zipper line, to old for that. With the help of my G3's and a lesson from the past," ski the anti-bump line" I can do bumps at my speed and turn where I want in the bumps.

Had great powder, that Santa brought and then again for New Years, and more for the February Break. Skied terrain only last year, I thought I would never ski. Skied lots of terrain that is not on the trail map.

On days we couldn't ski the trees, we'd look for the worst snow to ski in and then learn how to ski it.

Demoed a lot of skis.

Had fun and still having fun.

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Total days on skis this year: 15 (an all time high for me)
Resorts skied: Boyne Mtn. 1, Nubs Nob 1, Squaw Valley 2, Sugar Bowl 1, Crested Butte 6, Vail 4
Breakthroughs/Highlights: Started skiing with a helmet after suffering a mild concussion at Nubs Nob. Only complaints about the helmet are funny tan lines on the face and post-skiing helmet head. Skied a lot by myself since my usual ski partner was unable to get away from work. Took 4 lessons (Squaw, CB 2, Vail) with good results and lots of fun. Advanced from a high level 7 to mid 8. Learning to guide and ride (ride a flatter ski), to concentrate more on the upper body and let the lower body take care of itself. Got to meet 1 Bear, Vailsnopro (thought I'd be able to meet more) and had a great time talking and skiing together. Got new skis at the end of the season and itching to use them, but probably won't be able to until next season
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Got 19 days in this year which is the most ever for me but a few less than I had hoped for. 9 days at home in the midwest at Devil's Head, Granite Peak, Indianhead and Whitecap. 6 at Whistler, 2 at Alta, 1 each at Brighton and Snowbird. Usually I take a one day lesson when I'm out west. This year I took the 2 day Extremely Canadian Camp at Whistler and had the best two days I have ever spent on skis. Wendy Brookbank was the best instructor I have worked with so far, fun and a great confidence builder. Although I was genuinely scared at least twice a day during the camp : , I learned that a properly weighted ski edge will hold just about any slope I'll see at the resorts I visit. I skied lines I would have never dreamed of trying on my own.

I enjoyed a great powder day at Alta. I've found that skiing the bumps takes attitude in addition to technique, and for me the best attitude is eat or be eaten.

I've made some new friends and a lot great memories. This year's season is just over and I'm already thinking about next year.
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103, Copper
1, Breck
1, Steamboat
1, Loveland
1, Beaver Creek
7, Vail

My best year ever!!!
Ain't life great??

Plan at least a couple of days at Vail/Beaver Creek, +2 days Vail for level 2 exam, maybe a few more days working at Copper and possibly a day or 2 or in Oregon in May at Mt. Hood or Bachelor. Life doesne't get any better!!

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Lets see here.
Deer Valley 100 days
Bogus Basin, Idaho 1 day
Brundage Mt, Idaho 3 days*

*= 2 more ski days, after we shut down Deer Valley on the 6th.
So this year i will have 104 days on skis , for at least 5 runs. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Only about 40 some days plus some awesomee powder days at Steamboat and Copper.

Not a typical year for me but I did manage to come through the year relatively healthy.

I'm done for the year as the kids and Wife have elected to go to the beach for Easter break this year instead of skiing. Mainly because my oldest Son is recovering from a badly broken leg.

All in all, it's been a good year with alot of powder days under my skis.

The golf clubs will be accompanying me to Myrtle Beach as the tee times are set and the skin games await.

The workload is set as I'm booked for the season already constructionwise. Have to keep the money comming in for new skis and future trips.

I have made a decision not to patrol anymore. Ten years and I need a break. Burned out I guess. Just think I need to take some time to assess the situation.

To those of you who still have snow and the drive to ski it, keep it oing and be careful.
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Just a week ago I was going to report 31 days this year at Mont Tremblant, Mont-Saint-Anne, Saint Saveur (Quebec areas), Snowbird, Alta, Brighton (Utah) and my local hill.

But now I am going to report (from Helsinki, Finland of all places) 33 days.

Yes indeed I am on a business trip in Finland where my customer has organized a team building meeting (which turned out to be a great excuse for a long party with some work sessions in between).

The first day I did a presentation in Helsinki, and then we flew to Lapland (northern province of Finland), near the largest ski resort in Finland called Levi .

We stood in a fantastic wooden lodge with all the modern amenities that you could imagine. First day we went snowmobiling and the second & third day we went downhill skiing. Everyday we went to places where wild Finns party like crazy. I had no equipment or clothes, but we managed to rent everything. The US and Canada should learn something about rental equipment from Levi. They had top of the line ski suits, top of the line Fischer skis (including my Sceneos) and excellent boots. Talk about getting lucky. The skiing was great, although the mountain does have lots of flats (snowdoarder's nightmare).

Now I am back in Helsinki and I fly out tomorrow morning to Paris and then Toronto. Back to reality and to the idea that my ski season is over (again).
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I had my best year ever with 14 days and four 1st-time hills. It was also quite the year for freebies and discounts... adding in my wife and daughter, we got 24 skier days for a total of $209. I don't expect THAT to happen again anytime soon [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by disski:
There are only 10 weekends from Dec-April? :
I'm not done DISSKI. I just got back from skiing Fri, Sat, and Sun at Killington. Friday was great with about 8 inches of powder. They received over two feet since last Friday. I'll be back up there next weekend. I hope to finish out at 30+ days skiing. Now I'm seeing posts of 100+ days. Love it. On another note, I skied on Head IC 160's on Friday in a 170 length. Really nice ski.
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It still looks like winter at Crystal. However, they are closing on April 13 due to lack of traffic.

Now its up to Whistler and the ski and snowboard festival for last turns. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well not quite done yet. This year I skied more days but less places.

To date:
Keystone 28
Vail 7
Breck 1, if you can count it at all
A-Basin 2
+ a few days X country
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hmmmm, ok here goes,

40 days Stowe VT
10 Arinsal' Principat D'Andorra (yea, you better look that one up)
3 Killington VT
1 Arcalis Principat D'Andorra.

Hilight has got to be my trip to the States, spending most of it sking with Tim Thompson from Stowe and having the pleasure of sking with Dave Merriam, Stowe ski school director.

Closely followed by teaching my very first group of kids.

hmm, sking, well that improved a heap given who I was sking with. Bumps are still a mystery, although I manage to survive in the main now, but surviving them is as good as it gets. Thats the main focus for 2004 season bumps, bumps and more bumps.

Biggest thrill? Sking torchlight descent for the first time ever, maybe no biggie to some people, but the first time was fantastic.

Met some great people, and I include 'Epic' in that, even if he did cut the gates we'd just set !!!!!!!!
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Sitting at 43 days so far. 50 days is the final goal. Should be attained on the final weekend of April with the annual hot spring, Spring ski campout at Mammoth. That will give me a total of 6 resorts-Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, Mammoth, Mt. Rose, Squaw Valley, & Sugar Bowl. There should be plenty of skiing in May but I usually hang things up by then. A typical season although there weren't nearly enough powder days.
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