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How Many?

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How many ski days do you have under your belt so far this season? How many do you hope to get? How many different resorts did you ski? Did you have any major breakthroughs on skis this season? Did you nail that line you have been eyeing for a few years? Did you take a lesson that drastically improved your skill set? Did a friend teach you something that you could not live without now? Did you get that powder dump that you have hoped for? Did you nail that bump line? How about that new trick? Did you have fun? Lets hear it!
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57 and hoping for 70. That looks bleak now since we have been locked in a warm rainy period and all of the near skiing has shut down.

Taught one of my work associates to ski. The kid seems to be hooked now.
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Skied around 50 days this year. 3 resorts,Mt.Bachelor,Or.,Park City,Ut. and Hoodoo,Or. Improved my carving skills and placed 7th in the NASTAR National Finals. Teaching Adaptive Skiing. All in all it has been a good year. And it's still snowing at Mt.B w/ 150" base. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Alta I have about 75 this year, Lets see skied the Canyons Deer Valley Park city Alta snowbird, Snowbasin. and I still might get to Grand Targee. Looks like another stormm is blowing in tonight. It wasn't a great powder year but I did get a couple of good days with some over the boot top Powder. Did i have fun skiing this season yeah I have had a lot of fun
Oh and yes I did do a run that was way out of my comfort zone.
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I had hoped for a 20-day season. With my Oregon trip now out the window, it'll be 16, it looks like. Two more than the 14 I've had twice in my (now) five years of skiing.
No complaints. It's been a great year, beginning with my trip with JamesDeluxe to New Mexico, where I will absolutely ski again (Taos's Ridge, Angel Fire for sure, and a trip to Pajarito), and including The Gathering of Bears in Utah, where I got my first real powderday(Alta). Along with having a great time with some fine folks.
Also, my first real tree skiing (Heavenly.)
My skiing has improved (considerably, in my own estimation) and opened up more of the mountain to me. I'm still ugly as sin in the bumps but it's less ugly than it used to be. And I remain
determined to solve those pesky things.
As for technical stuff, I've found it revelatory figuring out what in the hell to do with my non-stance ski on the steeps. Bringing it in and unweighting is really cleaning things up. Steepness doesn't bother/intimidate me as it once did; I feel very good about that progress.
Another season-ending Mammoth in May will be the icing on a year that's been some tasty cake.
And, having gotten there, will definitely include Kirkwood in all future Tahoe excursions.
Total of 11 different hills.

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I got in somewhere around 35 days this season, the vast majority at Cannon (New Hampshire). After I darned near shredded my knee on Day#2, I wasn't complaining about *anything*.

Hope to get at least two more days in -- one more at Cannon, and then a hopeful hike up Tuckerman's (or at least part way up).

Breakthroughs -- oh yeah! Much better at using the ski to turn me instead of the other way around. I can ski first to last lift now, no problems. Before my legs would be absolutely fried.
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37 days so far. Expect to get 5 more in before they shut down in these parts. Made it to 6 different resorts and might get in another before the seasons over. Found two resorts I love, Discovery Basin and Red Mountain.

Skied a 30" El Nino dump in Oregon in December, took multiple core shots skiing a 26" dump at Bridger in January & skied numerous 10+ inches days February on including an awesome day last week with 24" and new Pocket Rockets. I also had a great day this past Sunday skiing the steeps at Bridger with a Nolo, Arcmeister & a couple of Arcmeister's sidekicks.

No real break throughs this year.....I was too busy enjoying all the snow to care.
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lost count and not worth trying to figure it out. and I'll probably keep skiing right to the end of the season at Sugarbowl, then decide if I want to travel for more.

Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, that other resort down the road, Sugarbowl, Diamond Peak. Fewer than normal locations.

Just lots of refined skiing skills, Working on my Level II

Lots of fun. Yes... and Hopefully made it lots of fun for many of the guests, (my students)

Breakthrough? I try to every time I ski.
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My best season to date.

Starting in September, 25 days, 3 continents, 4 US states, and headed to #5 (Utah) on Friday for hopefully 5 or 6 ski days.

Had my first experience with Powder (Portillo,Chile), My first real big mountain experience (Vail), Had a really valuable all day lesson which gave me more skills and confidence on Diamonds (Breckenridge), and got a hard lesson about landing short on a tabletop (Mt. Snow, VT). Also had my first Switzerland ski experience, phenomenal!

Also played instructor/babysitter for my nephew 5 or 6 days and saw him achieve some skill and a real motivation for the sport.

My only real regret about this season is that I made so many grand plans, then my local mountains had the sickest year ever!
I was in Switz. during Pres. week when NY/VT got over 2 feet!

But hey, I loved every minute, and I'm still pumped for Utah. God willing, I'll make it back to South America this summer.
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20 Days on Skis
4 Magic, VT
2 Pico, VT
2 Okemo, VT
1 Sugarbush, VT
2 Ascutney, VT
1 Greek Peak, NY
1 Belleayre, NY
2 Santa Fe, NM
1 Angel Fire, NM
1 Taos, NM
1 Alta, UT
1 Snowbird, UT
1 Snowbasin, UT

6 Days on Crutches
1 Kitzbühel, Austria
1 Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria
1 Alpbach, Austria
1 Westendorf, Austria
1 Wilder Kaiser Ski Welt, Austria
1 Auffach, Austria
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Today was Day 98. Hoping for 103 unless it rains before the weekend. Will definitely hit 100, which has been my average since I decided to become a "ski bum" in 1970. My season will end after Sunday.

I've skied four local spots plus that wonderful visit to Utah for Epic Ski Academy I. Hit Snow Basin and Deer Valet besides the time at Brighton.
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Alta, the number of days I ski are not important. My two year old, er, three year old since March 14, has 4 days this year, one at Mt Hood Ski Bowl and 3 at Mt Bachelor. Right now I only ski to act as the "ski brake" for the little mighty mite.

I still can't believe she can ski without the tip wedgie!

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As of today 98 in total; 95 at Copper, 2 at Steamboat, 1 at Loveland. Probably will do about 12 more at Copper (closing day is April 20) then crank in a day or two at A-Basin before the golf world demands my return. Possibly a day or two more at the Basin even after I return to summer work.

Should finish around my normal 120 days on the boards.
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so if you're not counting hours at Xscape, then I guess my trips to Rossendale dry slope don't count either? Ah well....it's not real ski-ing anyway

7 days in Cervinia at Christmas & 7 days in Val Thorens in January
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Last Oz season .... 70 days or so....
Plus 12 in Whistler the previous summer....

Hoped for - as many as possible....

2 resorts in Oz...

Major breakthroughs - well from what the instructors(not mine) tell me the answer is HELL YEAH! I scream less than previous seasons - is that a positive?

Ummm - I don't eye lines - well maybe a squint through closed eyes under duress....

Took 70+ lessons - so don't ask me which ONE improved my skill set... work in progress - unfortunately I can't imagine it ever being finished...

friends don't even TRY to teach me to ski....too tricky

Powder dump - yes but I DON'T hope for them... got some GREAT CORN (I like corn better than powder OK..)

Nailed bump run? - well got instructor to say 'Where the f@#$ did that come from?' followed by a statement that he didn't think I would ski that run like that in that season - does that count?

New trick? - learnt to be sort of happy about skis getting off snow(which way is UP when feet are not on ground?) - so I can jump a bit now...

FUN - had a ball - as usual... I don't spend all my free winter time skiing for nothing ya know...

[img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] well you should know better than to ask ME alta...
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Hmm, my totals are looking pretty pathetic.
Eight days in La Plagne.
Three days in Glenshee.
No powder at all this year (as usual), but I went into the parks for the first time and nailed a few jumps.
Which was nice.
However the seasons not over yet and its dumping in the Alps right now. So who knows?
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As always not as many days as we would like to go, but we had a great year it just ended to quick.

# of ski days
6 at Grand Targhee
2 at Keystone
3 at Breckenridge
1 at Vail
1 at Beaver Creek
6 at Steamboat
2 at Sunburst (WI)

None (long story but this will be the last year we go a
season without lessons)

Powder Days
10 inches 1 day at Grand Targhee
Almost every day at Steamboat with 21 inches on our last day.

Major Breakthrough
Finally talked our son, daughter in-law, and two
granddaughters into skiing (snowboarding). Hooked two of them,
son and oldest granddaughter went every Friday and Saturday
even bought season passes at Sunburst (small local hill).
Waiting for next year so they can go out west with us and
get on real mountains. The only problem they are on
snowbaord (don't know where we went wrong). Will have to
keep after our daughter in-law and second granddaughter as
they at least were on skis.
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87 so far, hoping for 100. (Msg to God: more snow please.)

Sugarbush (78), Mad River Glen (4), Killington (2), and Stowe (2). Oh, and Ski Sundown (1).

Breakthroughs abounded. Learned to ski the zipperline with speed control and smoothness. White Pass turns. Tried the race course and the half-pipe, got "big air" in the park. Skied with Terry Barbour for two days, also did two PSIA clinics. A friend's 8-year-old daughter took me down "The Chimney" at MRG. Got first tracks in 18 inches on Ripcord. Trying to learn to do a 360, still working on the last 180 degrees. Fun? More like ecstatic glee. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Just checking the numbers

27 patrol days
9 free ski days
2 days at other areas ( Bears at "the Bush" and a day at Stratton)
That's 38

Tomorrow, I leave for the rockies and plan for 8 days on snow, Copper and Vail.

So, a good year. All the big snows came on Holidays and weekends, so I had no excuse to use up my vacation days from work. Bummer!

Break through's?
All the trees are my friends.
The bumps go by slow enough to see now,while I am going faster than ever.
I am not so self conscious about my skiing.

Good lines? "The Rock Garden, and "The Plunge" (both steep trees) in 8-10 inches of fresh.

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I guess that I could reply to this thread seeing as I started it.

Looking back, this is going to be a record season for me, not in the number of days, but overall accomplishments. I didn't realize this until I went home and thought about it for a while. Life is good...

As of today, I have 43 days under my belt on skis. This is nothing to the 120+ I used to ski when I was younger, but well, becoming an adult brings adult bills, which requires an adult job. Damn, I messed up somewhere. I am going for about 60 this season, which should be no problem, as another board member (Bob.Peters) has inspired me to ski at least once a month, for the rest of my life.

My resort list this season:

Alta (of course)
Deer Valley
Park City
Snowbasin – Which, I had not skied for 2 years, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the terrain!
Powder Mountain
Jackson Hole

That should quiet any yelping that I only ski at Alta.

Major breakthroughs this season: Last year I started working on skiing bumps, and I feel like I am starting to get them. On a bad note, I tore an edge out of my skis that were used for bumps, so my Volkl G4's have become my main bumpers. Nail a bump line on those, then going to a damper/softer ski makes them easy (ok, I still get ejected often). Someday, I hope to clean a zipperline without stopping, but need more time in the bumps/gym first. Also, there have been some lines that I have been looking at since I moved to Utah. I have hit many of them this year, I have two more to go, but am worried about the consequences if something goes wrong. I've also picked up the pace of my skiing this season, and begun skiing faster than I used to.

This season, I have also started to venture into the backcountry. Thanks again Bob.Peters for taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes, it’s been inspirational following/learning from you. I can see this as being the future of my skiing.

An old friend showed me that its just skiing, stop and enjoy the mountains, the sun and smile. To bad I learned this lesson too late.

My powder skiing has been lacking this season due to lack of snow in the Wasatch. At Alta, we are hoping just to break 400", let alone reach the last two seasons of above the average 500" of snow. So, when the storms have been hitting, my boss has been more than nice about letting me go see the Dr. for the White Flu. But April is still in front, which can be a huge snow month!

This season my home turf played host to the Bears at the Gathering and Academy. Seems that most people liked it, some didn't, but everybody had a great time. It was a pleasure meeting a lot of you, and skiing with you. The Fox slept on my couch for 2 weeks, and was one of the best houseguests that I have ever had. I look forward to hanging out with him again!

I've become a miracle worker with the p-tex gun!

To date, its been a great season, and I look forward to the ending (the regular) it strong! I hope that all of you enjoy your seasons as much as I have!

EDIT: Forgot one ski resort in the list; Powder Mountian

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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
This season my home turf played host to the Bears at the Gathering and Academy. Seems that most people liked it, some didn't, but everybody had a great time.
Who didn't like it?
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Boy am I jealous about the number of ski days some of you guys have had. Being a midwest skier I did my best to make it out around 15 times. We mostly hit the Wisconson hills like Cascade Mountain, Devils Head, Alpine Valley, and Wilmot Mountain.

My wife who is not a skier bought me a pair of K2 Escape 5500's. This allowed me to transition to the new shaped skies from straight skis. WOW, what a difference good equipment can make. I definitely went up a few notches in a weekend.

The other major breakthrough was with my 6 1/2 year old daughter. This is her second full season out and she made it out with me about 10 of those days. Near the end of the season I bought her a new pair of the blizzard shaped skis and boy did that make a big improvement in her skiing. Not to brag but she can ski any hill at Devils Head, Cascade, and Alpine Valley. In fact she gets bored at Alpine Valley. I think I;ve created a monster.

Any way this has been the greatest ski season in my life.
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Made it to 36 or 37 days, don't know if I'll get anymore. Perhaps we'll make it to the spring Wolverine Cirque party? We might also get a day at Arapahoe Basin during a college visit to Boulder in a coulple of weeks. This was an exceptional year - I haven't got anywhere near this number of days in the past although I've got the feeling I'm going to be trying very hard into the future.

The best of the year was probably the few backcountry trips we had in JH over Christmas. My kids and I are also indebted to Bob Peters for his help and encouragement in doing more and more backcountry (although we were sorry wed didn't get out with him this year). The highlight was a trip up 25 Short in Grand Teton National Park.

Another great part of the year was skiing with so many friends in Salt Lake and Jackson Hole. It's way cool to be out with friends, new and old, who are great skiers and share the same passion for skiing and the mountains. Every year skiing seems to bring us together with new people and this year again we have a few new freinds both in JH and SLC.

It was a lot of fun meeting and skiing with so many of the Bears at the Academy and Gathering. It was a special treat to have AC stay with me for a few days - he's as great a guy as he appears to be from his "Epic" efforts. Another highlite was skiing with the same group for a few days at the Academy. I got to renew and build on a friendship with Arcmeister and had a blast with Tog, Stmbtres, and TomB (I hope we can ski together again).

Last but definitely not least were two SLC locals who, in spite of being Michigan State alum, were a real blast to ski and party with (skiing is a party to them!). I'm not sure why a 51 y.o. guy like me has so much fun on the slopes trying to keep up with these 2 younger "dudes" but I certainly do. Altaskier and Fred, now that you're set up for AT we've got to get some climbing in with Bob next year (but you'll have to wait for me at the top).
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Not enough but I'm done for the season.

Sugar Mountain, NC - 2
Beech Mountain, NC - 1
Hawksnest, NC - 1
Solitude, UT - 1
Alta, UT - 2
Snowbird, UT - 1
Deer Valley, UT - 1
Grand Targhee, WY - 1
Jackson Hole, WY - 2
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18, I think.
6 in Whistler
12 in Utah
(I guess you don't count hours spent skiing at the indoor slope in Milton Keynes? [img]smile.gif[/img] )


Sorry, I didn't read all the questions, but here goes:
How many ski days do you have under your belt so far this season?

How many do you hope to get?
At least 18

How many different resorts did you ski?
Park City
Deer Valley

Did you have any major breakthroughs on skis this season?

Did you nail that line you have been eyeing for a few years?
1. Not in Whistler due to lack of snow
2. First time in Utah, but managed to nail a line or two in Alta after the Academy that I looked at before and thought I wouldn't do.

Did you take a lesson that drastically improved your skill set?
Yes - I did the Academy

Did a friend teach you something that you could not live without now?
Yes - "Do you have any Irish in you doesn't work with a certain young lady "

Did you get that powder dump that you have hoped for?
You mean did I have a powder day (or two) in Alta? Yes (Still grinning just thinking about it)

Did you nail that bump line?
Nail it? Well, I nailed a couple, but not the one that I WILL nail the next time...

How about that new trick?
White Pass? mmm. Yes. (but can I repeat it next year?)

Did you have fun?
Fun at the Academy.
Fun with Ryan
Fun with Corbet.
Fun with Fredo's Z3.
Fun with Joe Millionaire...
Fun with Courtney & Jezza at the Goldminers
Fun at that bar in SLC on the last night
Fun teaching Alta & Fredo new words and phrases.
Fun with new friends.

You know, it wasn't that bad a season after all. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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So far only 7 days, all on Mt. Hood, but I hope to at least double that total now that there is decent snow in the PNW and I have no upcoming travel. Meadows and, probably SkiBowl, are open for the rest of this month and then I'll be visiting Timberline and maybe Bachlor.
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Originally posted by ryan:
I had hoped for a 20-day season. With my Oregon trip now out the window, it'll be 16, it looks like.
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32 so far, probably just a couple more left. One at Sunday River, six at Steamboat, the rest at Sugarloaf. This was a great season for me as I really feel that I am developing well and more of the mountain has opened up to me. I'm proudest of my progress in the bumps which until this year was a near-death experience for me.

Most of all, skiing for me has been a wonderful way to spend with my daughter, following her as she dances through the trees, or darting down a groomer, even throwing snowballs at each other at the end of a run. She has developed into a wonderful skier and our time with each other as we have progressed together this year has been priceless. Mountains and snow have always seemed like miracles to me and I feel so blessed to have the health and means to enjoy them.

What a great sport!
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4 - Whistler/Blackcomb
3 - Snowshoe
2 - Killington
1 - Wintergreen VA

No where near as much as I had hoped for, but I ran out of $$$$. : :
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21 with about 5 more to go. About 14 less than normal.
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