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Originally Posted by Walt View Post
The difference between Vail Resorts and a place like Blue Mt PA is that the people who own Blue are in the ski business - they have to make their money on lift tickets, lessons, and concessions. Vail Resorts is in the real estate business; they use skiing as an excuse to sell people land at high prices in places that would otherwise be almost worthless.

It's a totally different business model.
If you look at Vail Resorts 10k, you will find your assertion not to be true. Real estate has been a relatively small portion of revenue and earnings for VR; most of their revenue comes from lift ticket sales.

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VAIL is a brand.

Almost all other ski resorts are just that, ski resorts. Vail can offer dirt cheap passes because people show up no matter what. Vail attracts people from everywhere in the world at a rate so much higher then 99% of the other resorts in the world. If you don't live with in about a four hour radius (locals of Vail) of Vail chances are your not buying an Epic pass. In the big picture for Vail the daily people using the mountain with Epic passes I'd be surprised if they account for more then 10% on the whole mountain. So the other 90% are paying the going rate which we all know is higher then a kite. You just can't really use Vail as comparison for season pass rates, its just a different animal all together.
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Mike: All true!

Colorado has a unique cost dynamic that isn't seen anywhere else, including Utah.

That's both lucky - cheap passes, and unlucky - I-70 traffic.

On the whole, I'm grateful for what we have.
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