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Left foot issues

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I'll may cross post this in the injury area later on, this seemed the place to get the advice of guys who work with feet and activity all the time---so here goes.

I'm no couch potatoe, neither do I spend hours in the gym .. I'm not in great shape but am in better shape than many of my co-workers and friends.

I sit all day, every day in an office.

I get lower back aches after standing or walking on hard surfaces for more than 45 minutes at a time. Sitting for a few minutes when it gets bad does the trick for another 3/4 hour.

More so in the summer than winter---I ski as often as I can and that seems to help fend off back aches somewhat in winter time.

We spent the weekend moving from one house to another, I was on my feet carting heavy loads all day saturday. Hardwood flooring for the most part. Then we went to a county fair yesterday and walked all over for 3 or 4 hours on grass, dirt and asphalt with some concrete surfaces mixed in for good measure.

Here is my question. Sunday morning, my left foot seemed flatter at the arch than the right---and flatter than I can recall it ever being. I've never considered my feet flat. I also had a pain on the inside of my left heel as far down as possible. Within 1/2 inch of the floor while standing upright.

If I tried to stretch my hamstrings (flex toes- straighten lower leg) I could feel a tugging sensation at that spot, inside heel left side. The sensation subsided with a bit of activity---sort of like I warmed it up and it worked better.

When we went to the fair, my back was just going nuts after about my usual 45 minutes. The usual short rest did not do a whole lot.

I'm wondering if you can 'develop' flat feet later in life??

I'm sure that some of this was the extra activity from the move, but this is not the first time I've had the pain at the left heel, just the most pronounced---so I thought I'd see what it might be. I'm wondering is an orthotic might help??

I do have footbeds for skiing, but never used anything for normal day to day activity.

My wife says my gait is very heavy on my heels.

I also know that the best thing would be to consult a foot dr in person and I probably will if it persists. I know and ski with a podiatrist. I'm not sure thats the right specialty though as we have talked about skiing orthotics before and that does not seem to be his area of expertise---seemed a bit odd---but

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My guess it that you have an acquired flat foot secondary to posterior tibialis tendonitis. Heel pain without an acute flat foot is plantar fasciitis until proven otherwise. However, in your case, my bet is as stated. Inflammation and dysfunction (and sometimes rupture) of posterior tibialis causes a flat foot. Get seen by your podiatrist friend asap.
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as jdistefa says, go see the pod, get it diagnosed properly and ther correct course of treatment will follow, some strengthening and stretching exercises may also help with the recovery

good luck
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OK off to the podiatrist...

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