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El Colorado/Valle Nevado Aug. 8-13

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So I finally made it to South America to do some skiing. It's something I've dreamed of doing since I can remember. One of those bucket lists things to do. No great steeze but just thought I'd share.

Our ride from SEA to LAX was on Alaska Airlines, "The Spirit of Disney" Commissioned in 2002. So said the plaque at the front door.

If you are unlucky and fly 36 weeks a year for the past 10 years, you rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles. But if you're lucky, you can actually use them. We were lucky and cashed in 75K miles per person for 2 biz class seats on LAN. (Well worth it, I might add for the 11 hour plus flying time to get from LAX to SCL.)

We didn't quite get the dates we wanted for our trip but beggars can't be choosers, so we stayed at the Apart Hotel in El Colorado. Not a bad place actually. The staff doesn't speak English, except for the receptionist. However, they are all very nice and very hard working. Would recommend it to anyone heading down there as an alternate option to Valle Nevado.

One thing we discovered is that they have very pretty sunsets at El Colorado. They remind me of the late spring sunsets in AK...

Our first day there we spied this owner taking his human skiing. At the lift the owner would mark his territory while the human obediently waited to load on the lift. I think more owners should take their humans skiing...

The second day we got hit with a storm. The winds howled all night. Unfortunately for me, I got hit with Montezuma's Revenge. I took an Imodium but really wasn't feeling it. The clouds left the visibility near zero, so I spent the morning and early afternoon in the room. Then the sun came out, and so did I, and I hit this line...

At the end of the day, my handiwork could be seen along with a few others from our front door step. (Mine is the one on the left center.)

I could also see that Valle Nevado had some nice freshies too. Would have to hit that the next day.

Unfortuantely the next day was high winds and almost no visibility. The ski patrol told us the trail fm El Colorado was closed, and the ticket office wouldn't sell us a combi pass. Wouldn't have been worth it, since the vis sucked, although it did clear up again at the end of the day. All that wind out of the north scoured La Parva and El Colorado. But it left Valle Nevado a nice gift of at least a foot to 16 inches of snow.My ski partner is not a powder hound and is definitely not good with a camera but this shot is off the Cono Este t-bar with a foot plus of what can only be described as Cascade Cement. But who cares, it's August and after 3 runs, I only just start crossing tracks and it's 11 AM.

I was still finding untracked fresh lines late in the day. Off the ridge to La Parva on the south slopes there was a surpersing amount of freshies to be had.

My legs were whipped after skiing heavy pow and the last run back to El Colorado still had fresh lines. It was a good last day in Chile. Would have liked to have stayed longer but Argentina was next on the list.

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Glad you're having a good time, Toadman. Too bad about your visit from Montezuma. I look forward to your Argentina report since we did not make it there in July and will have to wait for our (hopefully) next trip.
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Reposting pics of Valle Nevado/El Colorado

Had some technical issues with pic host sight and lost the links to the pics posted in my original TR.

So here they are again.

Slopeside Apart Hotel

The restaurant at Apart Hotel. They served breakfast and dinner as part of the price of admission. Staff was very nice.

A few photos of some tracks I layed down after a few inches of snow fell.

Sunsetting on my tracks. Pic taken fm front door of our room. Nice to see your handy work after a hard day of skiing.

The sunsets are very pretty in the Andes.

I nailed this run off the Cono Este lift multiple times before I finally started crossing tracks. Notice that's there's basically no one anywhere.

Look at all that virgin powder at Valle Nevado!

View from the deck at Hotel Valle Nevado

This little guy had a fun time at El Colorado.

The long road to/fm Tres Valles

Great views at Valle Nevado

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Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Argentina

After skiing 5 days in Chile we flew to Buenos Aires to spend 3 days looking around...

The we headed to San Carlos de Bariloche...

The view as we descended thru 10,000'. Fresh snow below!

Nice view from our room...

The slopes and views of Cerro Caterdal...

We had nice snow and cold temps while were there, however, the visibility wasn't always the greatest. Lots of crowds with kids on break. Slow lifts and the Argentines aren't the most organized bunch. However, the views are beautiful.
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