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ushuaia/cerro castor

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came back from Ushuaia: the end of the world.
Ush is the southernmost city: nice hotels, beagal canal, 40 miles away from Cape Horn.........
stayed in hotel albatros with breakfast service
skied Cerro Castor: very nice place, looks smallish on the map (as many SA ski places) but is big: very nice terrain, a lot of national teams practicing there even super G and downhill. very predictable snow condition.
nice access to backcountry.
last 3 days essentially each run within lift-serviced area was a fresh track. few people, lifts slowish....... but strategically well placed..........

good jet service from Buenos Aires

flip side: the Argentinian airlines were taken over by the government: so the quality and on-time have dropped significantly

they do charge over weight fee for domestic flights: but this depends ofthe mood of the officer: I paid about $70 for luggage from BA to USH. my friends, flying same flight next day did not pay anything additionaly
flying out from USH I did not pay as well

flying out from argentina they ask you to pay exit tax (nothing outrageous but ennoying)
but overall: nice place, worth to visit, cause nice design and predictable conditions has been more popular as a training place for high-end teams
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few other aspects of my trip to ushuaia/cerro castor

08/07 flew to buenos aires.
here is la plata river before we touched down

in buenos the life is vibrant . tango is served even at the streets

next day a flight to ushuaia with stop in rio gallegos

here you can see allready some snow at the airport

we landed at ushuaia
and see the view from the USH[

finally a lot of mountains and snow
here the pics showing "end of the world"

very far away even from buenos aires
(distances in km not miles)

we took a bus every day to cerro castor: taht's the ski place about 30 m in drive from ushuaia
look at the sign: almost burried!!!!


lifts are slowish but efficient. couple times saw this kind of light: is it southern light????? I don't know but looks pretty

here is one of the mnt restaurant:
excelent choice of food (wine and beer of course as well) and even sushi bar!!!!!

cerro castor offers nice access to off piste. this pic show an access to off piste: about 20 min hike. last part is very steep: essentialy straight up. I did fw time of course!!. look at the right: it is a broken of slab

I really like beeing off piste. no people..........just snow, any almost kind: pow, crest, windblown.........

before you go off piste, make sure you understand what you are asking for........ like this guy on the sign.............

last three days we had new snow every day and every track was a freshie. this clip is taken right next to a lift. this day we had a snow I call "creamy pow" something what andes offer........ in this kind of fresh stuff you can essentially carve the turns......


last day a thrue pow: fluffy and deep. some places knee deep. my AC40 are great......althoug I wished my katanas were with me

fresh pow everywhere...........

interestingly in cerro castor I saw national swiss team, italian junniors, chilean national, quebec ski acrobatique, croatian and couple other. people explained to me that cerro castor' conditions are very predictable and steady and they allways have snow!!! ( bariloche for example could be tricky). it is easy to set up a perfect SL, GS and even DH
btwn my flight back I talked to swiss champ didier cuche: he was very pisted I didn't recognize him right away: those guys in europe are like gods and allmost everybody knows their names and ffaces
and, as warren miller says: at any given moment there are some places where it's snowing..............
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