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How many days do you expect to ski in 08-09? - Page 6

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Probably about 100. Twenty lift served, eighty backcountry.

But I cheat -- skiing here is worth while until mid August.

(Anybody sking in September has a problem! )
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I got 150ish last year, hopefully around the same this year. Day 12 today, & it is snowing in Utah.

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I got my 56 in....wanted 60.

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Isn't a big number response to this a form of hubris? like asking a cyclist how many flats he'll get this century season. I don't think a cyclist will answer that question. And I'm not f'ing with Ullr or the snow gods with the presumption of precipitation.

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My seaon is over.


I was hoping to be skiing through this coming weekend but Mother Nature wasn't having any part of that.  I think I ended up with about 35 days.  Thats not too bad by my standards but I really hate the abrupt end to the season.  On 3/2 we had single digit low temps and on 3/7 we had a high temp of about 78 degrees.  As if the warm temps weren't bad enough we had an inch or so of rain and lots of wind.  I was a little down yesterday after realizing it was first weekend since Thanksgiving that I had not been skiing.  At least it looks like its going to be warm enough this coming weekend for the local race track to be open.

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Got out the calendar last night.  17 times with my oldest (5 now 6) and about 14 with my little guy (3-4).


Around 30 for me.


More than I hoped for with the kids.  Less than I wanted for just me.


Good season!  Not quite done but the fat lady is warming up.

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I think I got in 66 last season, but this year should be better. My kids are now 4 and 5 and are pretty good skiers now. Last season they were a little too small to ski with us until the very end of the season.
This year, they will both be able to get on the chair without help, and the oldest is starting in the junior race program this season, which means Tuesday and Wednesday nights for us for sure. We already ski every Thursday night. I'd say Mondays and Fridays might be our only days off this season.

I'm guessing 80ish??? Possibly more.


Forgot about this thread...  I don't think I'll hit 80....  I'm at 63 right now.  Maybe 10 more???  I'll be happy with 70 or so....

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I got 52 this year. Next season I'm hoping for around 45. Anything over 40 is good, if I hit 50, great! Also pondering the possibility of 2+ weeks somewhere south in July/August next summer (maybe NZ), so that would bump up the number by a chunk depending what I count as my "fiscal ski year end."


Well, I surpassed both my expectations and made a personal best, so certainly a strong season for me. Would have liked some April skiing to top 70, but doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Finishing out my 2008/09 Winter season with 68 days. With a little luck I'll get some southern hemisphere turns come July.

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I only got in 11.. Got sick over Christmas and had to cancel out of that one. But I made it to Jackson Hole, a lifelong ambition. It was big and steep. Scratch one off the bucket list.

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I am aproaching 120, with my yearly goal of 130 I think I'll get there with some good Spring backcountry days to add on.


My office needs a cleaning:



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