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Originally Posted by LLB9977 View Post
haha, love the posts who claim more ski days than days on the ski calender. does grass skiing count?
There can be good widespread coverage 9 or even 10 months a year in some places.

I don't think anyone claimed to ski more than 300 days, but I might have missed it.
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53 days last year.

If we can score a room at Vail, we'll be going for 60+ days this year, while working real jobs.

Skiing's not a sport, it's a way of life.
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31 last year- My all time high.

I'm in law school now, so if I get in 20 I'll be happy. Depending on finances during break I may be able to up that number.
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Between 6, 10, and 15.

I am skiing for six days in LCC/BCC, Utah in March.

I will be home in D.C. for a month in december, and might hit a day trip on the hills in Pennsylvania (10).

If I can find some true skiers here in college, maybe i will get a ski trip together (15).
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^^ Come on, you gotta live up to your name!!!
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my name is more of a wish than what I actually do. I mean, I'm from D.C., currently a college freshman, and don't have cool enough/rich enough friends that will take a nice long trip to UT with me for a ski trip. And also, those 10 days... they are filled of nonstop skiing, from the opening of the lifts in the morning to the close at 4/5. But i'm sure most people are like that here.

But if there was a true "nonstop" ski moment, it was probably when I went all day skiing in Virginia, didnt eat breakfast or lunch, didnt stop for a break, then had to drive three hours back home in the middle of the night - and i'm sure there are stories on this board that are even worse than this. I went home and slept the entire day and night.

But I can't wait to take a few day trips to Whitetail! Wooh, real tough terrain there....
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I think I did 33 last season. This year I want to crack 40. I'm doing 2 weeks in the BC interior (including a week at Revelstoke!). I ski patrol at Mont SteMarie in Quebec so that gets me out quite a bit.

The girlfriend and I are talking about moving to Kamloops or Kelowna. If that happens I'll be at Big White or Sun Peaks every chance I get! (That won't happen until next season at the earliest). My favorite part is that Sun Peaks and Big White are both CSPS resorts!
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30 days in CO - wish it were more, but I live in Atlanta. If things are crazy good may be able to add 10 Alaska days early season next year.
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155 last year...

Ill probably get a 100-120 at least, maybe alot more if LCC actually gets snow by april.
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25 maybe? I really have no idea. Hopefully a full month of skiing weeks plus a few extra days and weekends.
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135 last year. Maybe 150 this year? Off to a good start with 30+ already.
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High 90's for sure... I might be able to break the 100 day mark if I'm lucky.
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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post
After the move to Boston last year my goal was 50 and I ended up with 48. I plan on upping the goal to 60 this year and hopefully by taking a couple less weekends away from the hill and a couple more sick days on it I should be able to make it happen!

I got a job teaching nights at the local Boston bump, the Blue Hills Ski Area.

I AM going to count skiing from 4-8pm as a day, and therefore am going to bump my prediction up to 75. Should hit that easily if I can teach a few nights a week and the mountain stays open.
(They closed for the season after last years Feb. rainstorms. )
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At the currant pace of snow accumulation here in the NW? Two (opening and closing weekend).
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Originally Posted by cliffk View Post
A measly 13 (and that's counting half days on the days of arrival & departure), but hey, look at my location. I'll get 5 days in on a guys trip to Vail in early Feb. and 8 days with the family at Beaver Creek during Spring Break. Can you say Epicpass?
Just planned a last minute Christmas trip to Beaver Creek with the family, so I'm up to 20 planned days on snow this season. I would say at least in my case, the Epicpass is having the desired effect.
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Given the paucity of snow, my estimated days are decreasing rapidly.
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Always plan 50. Have only gotten there twice. Last year got like 42 or something. 4 so far this year.
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how many hours constitutes a day of skiing? Can I count 3-4 hours, a day?
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3-4 hours are just half a day.....!

I´ll do 35 days or more...

Cheers Christoph
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then about 50
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On the calendar (90% sure):

4 (CO) + 3 (NY/VT) + 7 (WY) + 3 (VT/NH) +6 (Banff) = 23

Should be able to pick up a few more here and there when the snow shows up in the Catskills, or an odd weekend or two in VT.
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Should be at least 6, hoping to make it to 10...gone are the 20-30 day seasons for me. I think I might cry...
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I have a packet of 21 lift tickets for PA ski areas and son has a 5th grade season pass. I'll share my tickets with my wife and a few to my daughter but I'll probably use 7 to 10 of those, maybe more. So 12 to 15 tops with 9 days out with my boy (all his local tickets).
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check out skilogs.com for a fun way to count your days...
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I should get 25-30 days in, snow permitting. Only three so far, though, and this weekend is starting to look like a bust. I'm guessing Waterville Valley will be mostly ice, and the girls want to go to Santa's Village, anyway.
Almost all of my skiing will be at Waterville, but we will also try Bretton Woods on our passes, and I must go to Loon for at least a day or two during the week...even though I'll have to buy lift tickets now. Loon and Waterville used to both be on the Threedom Pass, but no more since Loon was sold.
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Aiming for 30. Last season it was 27.
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With my current job situation, probably only one or two days this year. 25-30 days a year last 4 or 5 years.
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Originally Posted by Christoph-Wien View Post
3-4 hours are just half a day.....!

I´ll do 35 days or more...

Cheers Christoph
Four hours on a weekday, with a high speed quad that lets you do 6 runs / 9600 vertical feet per hour is NOT half a day.
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Being in automotive business I consider myself lucky to ski at all these days.
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