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Motorcycling Sierra Passes. (not skiing related)

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I went on a ride today from the Sacramento Valley to Pollock Pines, Mormon Emmigrant Trail, Hwy 99, Carson Pass, Hwy 89 Monitor Pass, Markleville, Walker, Bridgeport, Mono Lake, Lee Vining, Hwy 120 Tioga Pass, Yosemite Nat'l Park, Hwy 120 to Moccasin, Rt 49 to Jamestown, Sonora, Plymoth and return home. About 400 miles. A lot better than most other options for the day. Here are a few pics along the way.

The ride: Suzuki C90. A 1500 cc cruiser with stage 3 intake and exhaust modifications and a bunch of extra chrome. Shown here at the summit of Emmigrant Trail looking North to Pyramid Peak.

The sad reality...no snow on Carson Pass and Caples lake is as low as I have ever seen it. We have had two bad snow years, and it shows. Anyone looking for September turns, the only snow I saw was on the East entry to Tioga Pass, and there wasn't much.

Descending Carson Pass to Red Lake.

Going over Monitor Pass is a fun experience. Long distances and views, no development. This road is closed all winter. Huge vertical going down to US 395 in Nevada

Overlook to Mono Lake along US 395 near Lee Vining.

Ascending Tioga Pass.

With bugs

Entry to Yosemite

Backside of Half Dome

There are more winding roads and heat and oak studded foothills, but I thought this was a good place to end the pics for this off-topic Trip Report. About a 400 mile day, and I averaged 50 MPG on that big bike.
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I am jealous! I rode mine to work in the rain this morning. I'm still soaked.

People concerned about gas should really look into bikes. My $15 premium fill-up can get me 4-5 days if I'm just cruising. Seriously!
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Reading your TR's and chill time on two wheels makes me wish my husband would get his road bike out.
Its been far too long since we've gone on a road trip like that.
Maybe he'll get it out for the Poker run next month.
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