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Again, my original copy:

When asked by someone what the weather will be like, I reply:

"Dress for cold...Pray for snow"
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That's right. Summer in Jackson is two weeks of bad skiing.
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And this from our own Newfydog:
I should start Newfy's guide to bad skiing:

---It is fun to sit back and let them jet out

--Residual up motions from the old days may cause you to lose contact but can be less work

--Weighting both skis prevents the outside leg from wearing out too soon.

--When all else fails, fling the upper body around

And so on.
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"Free the heel and the mind will follow."
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fix the heal and fix the problem
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Smooth Johnson, Master of the Carve:

"Groupies. That's what I'm talking about. First you get good. Then you get great. Then you get groupies"

"At my age I tend to stay in the turns a little longer, and in the john a little longer, too"

"Retire? Hell. If Reagan can still run this country, I can sure as hell still be Master of the Carve"

I've got the "pull my finger" poster, autographed by Smooth himself. Still got his Olin Sierras too.
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"The day I got out of jail I went skiing" - Glen Plake

"Warm beer is infinitely colder than no beer" Warren Miller
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"If skiing was easy, it out be called snowboarding."

"Summer sucks."
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My old buddy back in college who lived in Beaver Creek used to say:

"Beaver Creek - A lot of Creek, not enough Beaver"
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"Someday, somebody will ski that"
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Bode Miller after winning his first World Cup race: "Does this mean I'll get laid?"
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Heard in various instructor clinics:

"You like what you're doing or you want to try skiing?"

"Does that feel good, 'cause it sure hurts to watch."

"Those turns make my eyes bleed."

So much for touchy-feely coaching.
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You won't get hurt skiing if you don't fall.-Warren Miller
You should have been here yesterday.-Local Skier
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