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It's Rick's Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Rick, you old snowdog!
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I hope it's the best of days for you (with no tornados). Happy happy bday!
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I wish I could gift you some snow for your birthday but all I can offer is a hearty Happy Birthday.

Take my advice and do something very fun today as a gift to yourself.
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Many Happy turns Rick, and best of luck and great success with your upcoming product! This just could be the big year!

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I know you're having an awesome day Rick.

Many, many more to ya.

See you in the Winter.
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Hey, thanks everybody. It's the start of another year of living the dream after making it back to the mountains I love. I look forward to when I can share a slope (again, or for a first time) with each of you.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post
This just could be the big year!

Such a nudge, and on the man's birthday too!
(saved me from it).

Lotsa happy fun next year, R.
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Ah.....Birthday wishes go out to you. See you on the hill later this year.

Me and SC
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Aug 24, 2008

Hi Rick:

Happy Birthday.

I enjoyed your points and arguments on the "efficient and effective" thread. Hope to ski with you or meet you in the future.

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Happy Day from da Michigan troll, eh?
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Oh well, a day late and a dollar short. Happy birthday fastman.
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Happy birthday Rick!
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Belated wishes Rick.
I went out to play instead of post yesterday.
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Thanks, everybody.
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