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Lets talk "quivers"

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When did you consider have more than one pair of skis was an option? Did forums such as Epic have an influence in that decision? What was the first quiver you had?
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I had the a Quiver over Quivers before I joined here, and was almost embarrassed to post that I had more than none pair of skis, until I realized I was among friends of a feather!

When I registered on EpicSki, I had three pair of skis.
Volkl P50
Volkl Vertigo G3(which my husband sold out from under me=a whole new talk show topic. He Won't be doing that again!!)
Volkl 724 Motion(not usually sold in the USA, same shape as the AX3 but with more pop)

I wanted something wider and thought the Metron would be a good addition to the quiver of skinny skis. The metron was a fun ski for a year, but my metron love soon faded and I moved on to fatter and funner!
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Yeah, you guy's have thrown some fuel on the fire!
When I got here I only had 20 or so pairs of skis.
Mostly 70's and 80's stuff.

Now I'm over 60 pairs including stuff into this

I hope you're all proud of yourselves
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You can't ski Pebble Creek without a quiver of skis, the rock skis for PC, the good PC skis and the skis you take anywhere else.
Course now I've got to many skis according to the OH and even she has 3 pair.
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I've had at least two pair of skis since about 1985. I've had at least 3 pair since probably '95.

Currently I have 5.
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Working at a ski shop only fueled my fetish for skis. Plus the fact that I could buy two pairs of skis from any manufacturer at cost plus shipping.

Ended up with 6 pairs my first year there. Now I'm down to four.
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25 years ago the "conventional wisdom" (as I understood it) was that serious skiers had one pair of skis for hard snow, one for soft snow, and a pair of rock skis, but that started back in the day when your options for top line skis were S, GS, DH, or something strange like Miller Softs or Rossi SMs. Now you can get boutique skis for any kind of niche condition you want, which has fueled the "I can buy a turn in that snow condition" quiver mentality.

The truth remains unchanged that when the conditions are really strange or rough there are still only a miniscule percentage of skiers that ski it well, and it's not because of their skis.

I think the original two skis (plus an old pair for rocks) is all anybody really needs to rip it up on 95% of the lift skiing on the planet. Quivers are an unnecessary indulgence, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up mine. I really enjoy skiing on different skis, but in reality for me it almost always comes down to one of the same two pairs any day I'm on the alpines.

My problem is that I also have tele and AT setups, which leads to switching the bindings between the 3 kinds, besides buying new skis.
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The desire to ski anywhere anytime. skinny skis in breakable crust can be painful . Soft skis in heavy slop tend to control you instead of the driver .
I like the sensations that different skis offer. It's not what they can or cannot do since they can all achieve the same goals. It's how much fun you can have playing with them .

The wider options are amazing in their elements and that big grin they can give you is hard to deny. I'd own twenty more skis if I could afford it. Well maybe not twenty but ten easily.
I always see a ski I would like to try or own . Many skis you cannot demo so buying them is the only option unless you got a buddy of similar BSL that shares them with you .
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One pair of newish skis is all I ever had until this past spring, although i guess the rock skis count as a second pair.

I could never afford or justify the cost of a second pair, but after years of going out west once a year and seeing what other people had and could do with fatter skis I decided I needed a second pair for softer and deeper snow. After the season was over got a great deal on Fischer Watea 84's from an epic Sponsor.

Then skiracer55 told me I should buy some real race skis that it would be the best thing I ever did, so I bought a pair of SL skis used from an epic Supporter, then after saying "who knows maybe I'll get GS skis someday" sr55 gave me a pair of Head GS skis.

So now I do have a quiver, 4 pairs plus rock skis!

Epic needless to say influenced me greatly in this regard, although people i ski with regularly who have multiple pairs also were an influence.
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Originally Posted by mudfoot View Post

I think the original two skis (plus an old pair for rocks) is all anybody really needs to rip it up on 95% of the lift skiing on the planet. Quivers are an unnecessary indulgence, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up mine.

Quiver history: During my first stint of skiing (age 11-17) I felt oh so lucky to have my own skis. No way I'd have the audacity to ask the 'rents to buy me a second pair.... get a job and buy my own? The thought never occured to me When I got back into skiing several years later, I went through three pair one at a time before I started to build a quiver of two or three. I have a ski bag built for two and I could manage to squeeze three pair in there.

The real quiver building period came when I started driving to the Rockies instead of taking the train. I got a Thule box and used it with the same mentality that I had with the bag. I could still lock it up with five or six pair so that was my limit. It was after a few years of that when I was turned on to EpicSki.

You guys haven't played much of a role in my level of gear whoring, but the education I have received here has done quite a bit to refine my quiver.

For the most part, even with five or six pair on hand, I've had two or three 'go to' pair and two or three once in a while pair.

My first quiver was i during my Salomon era when I went from the original XScreams to Crossmax/race room 2v/1080/Pocket Rockets.
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i have had quivers of skis since i began ski racing when i was ~9. then it was a "training" pair of skis and then racing pair. when i got older and had 5-6 pairs from my sponsors.... training/racing skis for slalom and GS, a pair of DH, and pair of SuperG. so for many years i had a quiver of racing skis.

while i no longer actively race, i do split my snow time between teleing and alpin skiing. so now i have a quiver or hard snow/powder alpine and tele skis. quivers never end....
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Having a quiver only makes it harder to decide what skis to take to the Resort. Life was easier when I only had two pairs of skis. Now not only do I have to worry if the weather is going to be condusive to great skiing, what clothes to pack and whether the airlines are going to be on strike leaving me stranded, I hope I make the right decision on what pairs to bring.

Airline travel is helping me now. With weight restrictions and extra charges for additional luggage, I will only bring my Midfats anymore. I'll leave my Fatties at my cousins house out there. Don't need them around here anyhow.

Time to downsize anyhow.
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Freestyle and cross country skiing drove me to it in the seventies. As a skinny kid in the mid seventies I had:
1) K2 180cm 255 Soft as a bump ski
2) K2 135cm 244 Junior (I think) for ballet aka balgay (we jokingly called it that at the time, not that there's anything wrong with that .
3) K2 160cm Winter Heat

And crazily enough a pair of cross country race skis with the high school team. As the only kid that had skied before the cross country ski class in gym I was able to stand-up which put me on the team!

By 1980 I was down to one pair, back to two pair by 1985, got a GS to complement my slaloms.

Back down to slaloms only in 1992, then joined house league racing in 2004 and re-acquired a GS-ish ski.

Epic Ski certainly makes it feel OK to carry more than a pair (or two or three, etc).

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East coasties say fat skis are a fad. Westies say skinny skis will die as the dinosaurs did. Except for racing the skis will fit what terrain is available. They will continue to evolve as will bindings .
I can see the need for bindings you can cant and alter ramp as well as height.
Evolution is ponderous and never ending. Fads are the bain of the weak minded. They will always find stuff to waste their money on.
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I can't really speak to skiing mentality without an influence from Epic, as I got on here and started poring through the forums right after my first time on skis. I'm still early in my skiing career, I've come out of two seasons with two pairs of skis. Season one's skis are currently my rock skis, season two's skis are my go to carvers, and I'm adding a pair of fats for season three thanks to a generous Bear/Diva.
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I started thinking quiver when the Big Daddy and Sugar Daddy first came out. I was skiing Atomic R:11, and then I thought a powder ski would be nice. I demoed a pair of Rossignol Bandit XXX (the black and white ones) and liked they way they floated. When the R:11s were shelved, I picked up a quiver of Volkls (6 star, Exploders and G4s). Since then, I have never looked back.

My current quiver:
Stockli Stormrider SS 188(Rock)
PMGear SuperBros 195(Packed snow and everyday ski)
Dynastar Legend 8000(Long tours, Groomers and gates with kids)
PMGear Carbon BROckers (Powder and touring)
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in the 80's-mid90's
1 stiff SL ski for hardpack, 1 softer GS ski for powder, 1 old pair for rocks.
When mid fat shaped skies came out, x-scream series in 195 was all I skied for about 5 years (had two pairs back to back.)

Then back to two pairs, a race type skinny (mostly Volkls) and a fat soft pow skis-(Sollie Supermountain, then PR's)

then to a big quiver, dynastar legends , 8 & 88k's, Volkls,..6 pairs total, all shapes and sizes..

got Volkl Mantras- sold, gave away, neglected almost everything else. Pretty good 1 ski quiver,

Then I got some 179 soft Bros and everything went to hell again and it's back to a five ski quiver and thoughts of adding a sixth and seventh.

In the meantime, most days, it comes down again to two pairs, Mantras for hard snow and Bros for soft. It's just that each has characteristics more ideally suited for those conditions, but either will work anywhere.

I try to buy all equipment at 1/2 price or better, used, in summer, etc. But sometimes, hell, full price and make sure they get lots of use.
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When did you consider have more than one pair of skis was an option?
When I took an interest in ski racing, I knew I needed the right tools for the job. I was encouraged by the good folk at the NASTAR forums to go for it (incidentally it was there that I found out about EpicSki, so blame them for unleashing me on you.)

Did forums such as Epic have an influence in that decision?
Yes. I knew I needed another ski; NASTAR forums influence....but not that I "needed" 5 pairs of skis; that was an Epic influence.

What was the first quiver you had?
The present one. I have had two pairs of skis for 3 seasons, then added another last season and this season-to-be added 2 more. Boots on the other hand is another story....many boots for one who has skiied relatively so little.
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When did you consider have more than one pair of skis was an option?
When I discovered the Wanaka Recycling shop at the local dump.World famous for bargain skis etc.
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The initial impetus to build a quiver was a core shot which had me put my only pair of skis in the shop for a base weld. Of course it snowed several inches overnight, and this was during the horrendous El Nino a few years ago, so I couldn't very well miss it. I rented skis, and decided to get a second pair so that wouldn't happen again.

I was enamored of the idea of having more than one pair of skis (which was a new concept to me, I'd returned to skiing after 15 years away from it, and I had thrifty parents who'd been my ski suppliers earlier in life) as I really like accumulating tools, and skis were tools made for fun, so there was that added incentive.

By the time I found epicski, I obviously had already acquired my Volant addiction. Now days, it just makes sense to have many back up pairs, as I tear up my skis something fierce, and sometimes don't get around to fixing them right away. It's more convenient to just grab a pair I haven't thrashed.
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Epic is definitely guilty of me thinking about having a quiver. Last year I got a second pair of skis but I could hardly call that a quiver since once I bought the new skis I retired the (2-year) old ones.

I am now in the process of building a 4-ski quiver: Mythic Rider as the everyday ski, Blizzard Titan Argos for deeper days (and maybe some AT later on), a rock ski TBD on the ski swap, and a frontside carver w/good performance on bumps (TBD after demos in Nov/Dec).
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I started a quiver when the Chubb was introduced
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Started a 'quiver' as soon as I could afford it.
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Once I got better and started exploring more of the mountain, I decided I needed more than a one ski quiver. Previously, i had just stuck to groomed runs, so there really wasn't a need for more than one ski. Epicski really didn't have that much influence over my decision to have more than one ski, but it definitely tempts me from time to time to buy more. Currently, I'm sitting on a 2 ski quiver and want to add possibly one more.
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I have quiver to compensate for my lack of skill.
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My first quiver, 1986;

K2 Gyrator HP
Karhu XCD GT

I first considered having more than one pair of skis when I saw a pair of telemark skis for sale at a local shop. I haven't had a quiver of skis since I quit alpine in the early 1990s.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
I have quiver to compensate for my lack of skill.
I have quiver to compensate the pants girth for my lack of muscle.
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First quiver was last season and yes the peer pressure from this site was part of the reason.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
When did you consider have more than one pair of skis was an option? Did forums such as Epic have an influence in that decision? What was the first quiver you had?

Ummm..somewhere around 1990 I think.

No. Al Gore had yet to invent the internet.

Rossi 4S - Rossi 3G.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
I have a quiver to enhance my skills
Fixed it for ya
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