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Thanks MrPowder,
I would hope that snowsports would unite us, and not cause such outbursts.
Suggest we keep an eye on Neo as well. He seems to be living in a virtual world. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Bump over Tyler.

Sorry guys.
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Thanks MrPowder&Great Cornholio.
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Who let the monkeys out of their cage overnight?
Not to worry, the maggots have a good system of self moderation in place. Surely GC and MP have a good handle on it and when AC or DC (Are they the same person or different?) wakes up things will go back to normalcy.
I hope that Mr. Popeil was just an ill-timed abberation and not a troll from here. It would reflect poorly on the Bears just as Mr. Durden would reflect poorly upon the maggots. There are many common members among the two groups, more than just those that have common screen names indicate.
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Yeah, Teledave. I do hope that Popeil is caught and...
As for aberrations, I never thought that Popeil was from "here"

BTW AC and DC are not the same person.
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bump for some sembalnce of normalcy
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Indeed things are back to normal. Mr. Durden (formerly known as Mr. Shwarzenegger and Mr. Punani) has been put to bed.

Thanks for the note, Mr Powder.
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I'm sorry for my contributions to this insanity. I thought it was good natured skewering brought on by the lack of skiing for most of us. Sincere apologies to the members here at Epic and to all Maggots that also post here.
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What????? I missed it. :
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Originally posted by PowDigger:
What????? I missed it. :
No -- you didn't miss anything...
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after being exposed to something absolutly mortifying temporary insanity has taken a few of our friends by the balls and caused a slight backlash into your lovely forums. we'll handle this internally and things will be back to normal in a few days.

this has been a public service anouncement, Thanks you, and have a nice day


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