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(Might want to make this a sticky.)

SVST Performance Products has added a tech tips page to their site which includes video clips from their tuning video :

SVST's Tech Tips

Sun Valley Ski Tools prides itself on the fact that their tools are the finest in the industry. This is due not only to the superior accuracy of the tools, but also the durability and ease of use. SVST tools never warp, crack or fall apart, and if they do they are under warranty. That being said we might see one to two of the SVST produced tools come back in a season.

The maintenance of skis will extend their life but it will also make your ski day more enjoyable. When a pair of skis has the proper side and base bevels they will take your skiing to the next level. Keeping your skis tuned is critical for anyone who considers themselves a serious skier. With so many videos on the internet showing all different methods to tune your skis, who really knows what is right and what is hoakie. These videos are certified by Sun Valley Ski Tools to be the correct methods, and backs their videos with fact that the have been selling tools for the last 17 years.