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Base damage

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I was out skiing today and I guess my skis had a few encounters with rock, they came out lookin pretty rough. I guess the first question is do you think these can be repaired? And if yes will it be safe to ski on them two more days? thats the ealiest I can get them to the shop.
So heres what they look like, 3 of em
1. This ones the worst, about two inches long going down the ski, right along the edge. The base material (call it ptex?) is gone, right down to the next layer which seems to be some sort of metal. Its not too wide, pretty narrow.
2.There was a previous repair here and the rock just had to hit right there, its along the edge, a deep gouge with one small spot down to the next layer.
3.Another deep gouge, this time in the middle of the ski, with a small spot down to the next layer.
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You should be ok but I would use the damaged edge as an outside edge , you could also pick up a p-tex candle and do a temporary patch job.
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Tough to tell, but the only real probleme would be if you took a core shot along the edge. Is the metal you are referring to the edge? If so, does the edge roll out at all or seperate from the core? I would get this done quickly, at least use the ptex candle for a temporary patch.
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The base lodge where you're skiing must have a p-tex candle for sale. Consensus opinion suggests that you do at least a temporary patch. Often in earlies season conditions I'm tempted to try runs that I think should be okay, but this sort of experience reinforces the lesson that the early season cover is not what it seems.
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