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Hermann is back (maybe)

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Heard this morning while driving to work that Meier will
race today's GS (scheduled at 09.55 CET...grrr forgot my
portable TV set at home; just for your info, it's now 13.36 cet)
I do not expect him to win it, of course, nevertheless I'm impressed by his will.
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Just checked www.fis-ski.com live and it looks like he didn't start?
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I did not want to spoil it for those who were waiting to
watch it. But,since the word is out, as far as I can see, reading at
www.eurosport.com ,
Hermann did start, at some point during the first run was even 11th, but failed to qualify for the second run...
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It takes time to regain ones competitive edge especially after a long absence due to his accident of over a year ago.

It would something if he was able to be in top competitive form for the 2006 Olympics. I belive that's the plan, so we will have to wait and see.
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Maier didn't qualify for the first run.
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I also think there is physical recovery that will be a factor for up to 2 or even 3 years. Having had a hip replacement I find it pretty amazing that there was noticable improvement even past 2 years. While the improvement certainly tailed off, those small changes at the end could very possibly be the difference at the World Cup level.
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not to mention, he only missed qualifing by one spot. how many of us could have that kind of injuries and come back so strong?? not me, thats for sure! im psyched. I think he'll be himself SOON.

Poor stefan...
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I just looked at maier's run on video. He looked a little rusty after only six day's of gs training and a two month's training pause. But he was fighting allright. Carving, skidding, ski's off the snow he did it all. And with such a run he still got 31th place. I think that after a little bit more training he could be in the top ten again. Let's see if he will start in Wengen.
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Kostelic didn't make the second round either and he's been running well lately. I'm not suprised by the outcome. He'll be back, it's just a matter of time.
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Hermann's victory today was to get down. To be that close without significant training is unbelievable. Especially on a very demanding hill such as Adelboden. He needs hours on his skis, and then he will be competitive again. Maybe by the end of this season, for sure next season if he does not get injured.
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Originally posted by Crosscarver:
Let's see if he will start in Wengen.
Just heard Maier is going to do the DH at Wengen. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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