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Size of Your Big Toe

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I ran across some trivia that I thought might interest you Bears. "Without taking off your shoes, try to remember: Is your big toe longer or shorter than your second toe? The answer, according to foot experts who study sports performance, can give a telling clue to athletic ability. On most people's feet the second toe is longer. But, if your big -- or first -- toe extends further, you possess a natural advantage in skiing, sprinting, and certain other sports. Having a longer big toe, you can more readily lean your full body weight onto it. In skiing, planting the big toe is a must for cutting an edge. ..."

The link is www.exploratorium.edu/sport/remarkable_feets/ <FONT size="1">

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yessss! world cup, here i come.

Bring It
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Sweet, My biggie's the long one.

This board seems to be skewed towards advanced skiers. I wonder if that will carry over to long, big toed people?

Come on people! Whip em out and give us the results.
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make one more for the long big toe peoples
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I've notice that hair no longer grows on my shins, does that count for anything?
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I have measured them, stood with them against the wall....and they are the same length. Skiers feet are truely fugly lookin!!
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My right big toe is longer, and my left big toe is either the same length or a tiny bit shorter.

My left foot is my "chocolate foot" though. I'd think it would be the other way around.
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Bob B - Not only is my second toe longer, but I have hair on my back.

I've always taken that to mean some of us are closer to the trees than others, and I don't mean on the side of the ski runs!
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My big toes are way longer than the other toes on my feet and I still can't do anything physical well without lots and lots of practice. Shoots that theory, at least in my case.

Hey, Bob B: Maybe you've found the reason for your affinity for fast water????
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My big toenails are almost grown back! My feet look like 2 lumps of ground beef.
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Confession time: Who has black toenails?
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What do you mean by black nails? You mean paint them?
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LM, not anymore..see above post
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Took a wrong turn in the woods at Jay(ended up in an area called the Dip) last winter ended upwalking down a road back to lift. result-black toenail!!! took about 3 months to fall off.Not sure what I have growing now!!
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I almost made an entire season without a black toenail, but in early May I jammed it (Doh!). It usually fades before the next ski season.

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YUCK!! gross thread....
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My big toes are slightly longer than my second toes. Four toenails are black, and one is gone. That's the fault of tennis, though, not skiing -- and a heavy steel insert to our doggie door. Ouch.
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I saw a dude making 'burritoes' with his feet at a Grateful Dead show. There were actually about four people in line to buy them!
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I paint my big toes black, does that count?
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My second toe is longest, and my big toe has hair on it, like Bilbo Baggins.

Never had black toe... been bootfitting too long I guess, and avoided it.

Hey LindaA, wattsa matter, dontcha like feet?

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Feet are fine, I have no problem with feet!! All this talk about black toenails is just YUCKY!!! BLECCCHHH!!
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I wonder why this test has to be done "without taking off your shoes" ???
(stinky feet aside )
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My second toe is longer than my big toe. My eyes are green, and I have a normal forehead. (my toenails at this time are a nice bright shade of red, actually, the name on the bottle is "Brazen".)

What does this mean? should I hang up the boards?

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Second toe slightly longer, eyes blue/grey, ingrown big toenails, funmeter when on skis is usually pegged.
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Oh c'mon people,

it's not the size that matters, ;^)


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...

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My big toes are way longer than the other toes and nothing down there is black. My eyes are brown, but it is a stunning shade of brown! . I don't paint my toenails, but if I did, I would use "Brazen" because it sounds way sexy (sorry LindaA, I could not resist).
Slow day at the office ...
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What a bunch of crap to talk about athletic potentially because one toe may or may not be longer than another. I think desire and work ethic are the biggest Factors that actualize EVEN MINIMAL potential talent into true performance. !
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I saw a dude making 'burritoes' with his feet at a Grateful Dead show. There were actually about four people in line to buy them!

Did he have black toenails? What kind of cheese did he put in those?
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Tell you what, ill let you borrow "brazen" sometimes, It would go well with "stunning" brown eyes!
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I'm suprised that the Burritoe dude didn't use a stinky cheese, that smells like feet anyway... Would that give a "high" like a balloon full of Nitrous? Giggling out of control?

The longer toe (second) will go out of joint easily, so I have to tape my toes when I swim, and ski with a nice footbed...

Eyes are green, Attitude Dancing...

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