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new to waterbury....

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Hey all, my wife and I are moving to Waterbury, Vt. We have been going back and forth as to where to get our season pass, stowe or sugarbush. For a while we were thinking stowe, but now found out yesterday that we can get a great deal through my wife's job at sugarbush.

we both really like to ski all types of terrain, and i have a preference for backcountry exploring. what mountain should we call home for the next yr?
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You won't get ANY deal from Stowe, so if price matters Sugarbush will be a way better value. Sugarbush has tremendous terrain and a great vibe... there is also MRG next door.

IMO, Stowe is a much better mountain. We get more snow (by a surprising margin) and there is no flat run out areas, everything is pure vertical. Our off-piste terrain is unrivaled in the east.
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I've had passes at both Stowe and Sugarbush and do like Stowe better but not by a whole lot. I consider Stowe the best mtn in the east but Sugarbush is certainly in the top 5 so it's certainly not much of a downgrade. If I could get a deal at Sugarbush and pay substantially less than it would cost at Stowe I would go to the Bush and not think twice about it.
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I would probably recommend Mad River or Stowe for BC exploration... but as noted above, Stowe passes are VERY expensive compared to any other mountain in the area. If I was moving to Waterbury I'd prob. ski at Mad River. No wait, that's not true... I'd still make the hour drive up to Jay every day!
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Don't count out Sugarbush for BC. 2000 acres in the Slidebrook area is not to be scoffed at.

I haven't skied Stowe, so I can't make a fair comparison. Based on your terrain interests, I would say the Bush is a perfect fit, but again, I can't give a comparison. However... I guarantee that you'll get a better deal on the pass at Sugarbush!

From a purely statistical standpoint, there is more terrain at Sugarbush (both acreage and mileage, if that matters to you). Also more vertical. But based on previous comments, you can probably get more continuous vert at Stowe. You can definitely ski 2600' top to bottom at the Bush, but there is some amount of skiable runout.

Feel free to ask any specific questions pertaining to terrain, base ammenities, on-mt infrastructure (lifts, snowmaking, etc.), vibe, etc.
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You'll have a blast at Sugarbush. Keep in mind, Mad River is only $35. or so on week days. So you can grab a few of their beter days from time to time.

Join a ski club, pretty much any ski club, and you can ski Stowe's appreciation days held 3 times a season for maybe 3 or 4 days in a row. I got to Stowe 2 or 3 times last season and it was exceptional, so try to get there if you can.

Don't forget to join us at the EPIC Ski Academy.
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are there any local ski clubs in the area that people recommend?
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keep in mind, the club does not need to be "in the area". I'm a member of the Conn. ski Counsil. I don't live in Conn. Take a look at their discounts and either find a cheap club that is affiliated or take a look at Goodmans.

I am also a member of the Capital Dist Ski Counsil (Albany NY). You can join that org for about $10. Conn. is better, but I join the Schenectady Wintersports Club for use of the lodge. It comes with CDSC membership.

SWC also has some club deals that are nice, Jay Peak for example.

PM me if you like.

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If you want to meet a lot of people that ski as much as you do, join the Tuesday race series at Stowe, or the night league at Bolton or whatever they have down at Sugarbush.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
SWC also has some club deals that are nice, Jay Peak for example.

PM me if you like.

Schenectady Wintersprots Club: Jay Peak tix were $35e. This year the appreciation days are Dec 5-7, Jan 12-24 and March 18-22. Price is $32/day -$13/sr & child (65 is sr). But you have to be a member which costs money.

A Stowe card is included with membership.
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One more thing

If you have kids, (or even if you don't) the Mad Card at Mad river is a great deal. $179 gets you three tix and season passes for all kids 12 and under.
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