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Recommended Road Bike Mini Pumps?

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Last week I was on a ride on my new piece-meal road bike and took with me the Mini Master Blaster DXG Pump/Gauge that I had gotten bundled with my mtb a few years ago. Supposedly it's rated to pump to 140psi, but I'm not so sure...

I got a flat, promptly fixed it, and began reinstalling the tire. I started using the pump and was almost immediately met with a huge amount of resistance past 50psi or so. And I'm thinking, "Great, I have another 60psi to go!" So of course in my struggle to pump the living daylights out of this pump I tear the valve...just a tiny one, but unfixable. Had to walk to a train station and end a gorgeous ride .

Has anyone had good luck with mini hand pumps...small enough to take on long rides? I know I could just get CO2 cartridges, but somehow that feels like cheating. And besides, I'd much rather expend my own energy to pump up my tire rather than using energy to stuff CO2 into a cartridge. Hey, anything I can do to help keep the snow on the mountain come winter!

So go ahead, post your horror stories with pumps we should avoid at all costs, and post those little handheld guys that can jack it up to 120 without tearing a valve (or herniating a disc! )
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I heart full length frame pumps, sorry.
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Don't know about brands, but I've had good luck with mini telescoping pumps. They seem to have more power than the standard kind. But for sure, you end up riding home with less pressure than you want.
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CO2 is the way to go...forget the mini pumps...and...how long is a long ride?
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I had a blackburn that used to get me up to 90 psi (rated to 120 though IIRC) with a bit of effort....

Now that I run at 120 psi CO2 is the only thing I bring with me.
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Best of the mini (or at least smaller-form-factor) pumps I've used is the Topeak Road Morph. It can easily get a road tire up to 110-120 PSI without feeling like you need a new upper body regimen. The trick is that it has a small foot paddle for stability, and the handle flips into a T, mimicking a proper floor pump.

I have a Crank Brothers Power Pump Ultra, which is tiny (fits in a jersey pocket) and can get road tires up to 100-105 PSI without too much fuss. It has a nice switching mode between high-volume pumps and high-pressure pumps: start with high-volume to prime the tube, then back to high-pressure to finish the task.

And I still have 16g CO2 carts with me, as well - the pump is only used after carts are spent.
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I like the Quicker Pro pump
Quality is very good and will
get the tire to full inflation value

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I have tried several mini's and was never able to get enough pressure in the tire so switched to CO2. It is the only way to go, easy, fast and effective.
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CO2 is fine if you have a pump as well for the slow leaks, the occational pinched tube, etc. One shot is sometimes not enough.

I use the classsic Silca full length with a campy head.....reliable, as light as most mini's, and easy to find on ebay. I also use the topeak mountain morph. We do a lot of mixed paved/gravel rides on semi slick mtb tires, and there is nothing like a little frame mounted floor pump to cycle the pressure between 30 and 80 lbs.
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