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You go girls!!

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Not to downplay some of the great male feats at the Olympics, but there has been awe inspiring spirit, talent and excitement from the ladies throughout the world, as well, in all disciplines. Nothing new, but it's still great to watch.

Watching both the Brazilian & US women's soccer teams battling for 120 minutes for the gold, was very memorable and a classic. The 1 to 0 win definitely takes this US team out from under the shadow of the 'Mia Hamm era' achievements of the US women's soccer. Way to go! (Now, if we could get the men's team to play like girls... ).

What's your favorite(s) so far?
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Favorite so far is Usain Bolt, he is on another planet. Could he have possibly run 9.5's if he didn't shut down in the 100m final? I have never seen somebody win that one with such a lead and he was coasting the last 15-20m. I just hope he does not turn out to be another Ben Johnson.
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(I probably needed to be more explicit about what's your favorite lady's achievements).

Bolt was definitely unbelievable. The relay ought to be smokin'! My guy's one was the 4x100m relay with Lezak swimming a 46 to come from behind. (NBC making it more about Phelps than a team effort was lame though.)
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My heart went out to the young lady (don't even know here name) who lost a bronze medal to the chinese girl who finished her routine falling to her knees and blowing totally her dismount. But thanks to some very subjective judges she beat the USA girl who had almost no mistakes. UGH. I turned it off after that.

Bolt? Yeah fast dude. But way too much posturing for me!

Overall I think TV is doing a pretty good job, considering it is TV.
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Dara Torres! That woman is my age and a HUGE inspiration!
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Misty and Kerri. They are awesome. Beach Volleyball has become my favorite summer olympic sport.

And Kristen Armstrong winning the gold in the Time Trial. She is such a dominate force in American women's cycling. Must be something in that last name
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Michael Phelps
Misty and Kerri . Great mental toughness.
Lolo So sad.

So many examples of great sportsmanship with just a few excuses ("I cramped up after the turn")

And call me a sexist pig if you like, but I'm glad there is no event womens beach shotput.
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Phelps, Misty & Kerri (108 & counting) & the women's soccer team

Dara Torres was simply unbelievable.

Tough loss for the women's softball team. Aren't they dumping the sport because the US always wins.
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What NBC didn't show you, Phelps Butterfly win!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Dara Torres! That woman is my age and a HUGE inspiration!
Yes, Dara's on the top of my list. What an athlete. She was a kid when I was coaching.

I hope they make cardboard cut-outs.

.01 sec
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Dara Torres! That woman is my age and a HUGE inspiration!
I bet she gets huge inspirations from some too.
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