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Saying goodbye to a friend...

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Just this morning I learned that Jason Kyle, a friend of mine, lost his life while skiing out West. I haven’t received the full details yet, but apparently he fell into a tree well and crushed several vertebrae.

I was supposed to meet up with him and several others to do a group ride the week before he headed out to go skiing, but I was unable to make that ride and I sincerely regret missing it. I’d like to post a goodbye here and ask that you all take a moment to send good thoughts to his family.

Jason – I’ve biked with you, skied with you, and was lucky enough to be able to call you my friend. You greeted me on my first group mountain bike ride with a firm handshake and a huge smile. You immediately made me feel welcome in your world, and were the most gracious and giving person I’ve known. While I’ll miss you greatly, I will always have the memories of sharing sweet Virginia singletrack with you, sharing the kind of laughs that only a bluebird day on the slopes can bring, and sharing in a friendship that has made me a better person for having known you.

Goodbye buddy.
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RIP (rest in peace)
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Gill. Let us know if you hear more details. Jason sounds like a great guy, and a tragic loss to those who knew him.


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks eug and Bob - The latest info I have is that while skiing at Jackson Hole, Jason became separated from his ski buddies and skied between 2 trees that were in a "v" formation. He went head first into a tree well. The authorities think his death was instant.

At this time, from what I understand, Jason is to be buried in California. Another friend, Aaron (the ski buddy Jason became seperated from), is going to the site today at 1PM Jackson time and there will be a memorial held at the site with a priest.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jason. I'm sort of in shock. Is he one of the people you were supposed to ride with yesterday afternoon? He's not the guy with the red DH bike (with the motocross brake setup) that we rode with briefly at Difficult Run last summer, is he?

Jason - An eternity of deep powder and single track to you. Cheers!
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Hey JohnH - I don't think you and Jason were ever on the same group ride. He rode a polished aluminum Diamond Back DBR-XR8.

The ride I was supposed to go on with him and some others was a night ride about a week ago. I bagged out because I thought it would be too muddy. In retrospect, I'd have gladly suffered ANY amount of mud if it meant that I could have one more ride with him.
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Sorry I never got to meet him, it sounds like he was a blast to hang out with.
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I am truly sorry to hear of your loss.He sounded like a good friend.My thoughts and Prayers are with his family and friends
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I was skiing JH when this happened. I heard about it on the lifts the next day. Not a lot of details were given and the local paper just gave the story 1 or 2 lines. He was apparently in the trees just off Gros Ventre, one of the busiest blue runs off the gondola. He was skiing with a partner but the partner just assumed he took a different way down. I heard he was found head down in a tree well by a couple of skiers who pulled him out and performed CPR until ski patrol arrived. Sorry to hear about your loss.
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That's too bad. Thanks for sharing and we mourn your loss. My prayers go to you and your friend's family.
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That is awful! take care, Gill!
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Gill, sorry to hear about your friend and your loss. Every turn you make from here out is for both you and him.
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