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Intuition liners and silicone spray

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Further to my thread of a couple of weeks ago about Dalbello Kryzmas, I've now pretty much decided to stick with my Lange CRL90 shells and put a pair of Intuition liners into them. I'll be importing them from yyzcanuck.com and cooking them myself at home.

My question is: before I order them, I need to be sure they will take silicone spray...my Langes leak "somewhat". I put duct tape on the shell tops and this cuts it down a bit, but I also spray the liners each summer with Asko silicone spray (the can with the bright orange cap...great stuff).

Can anyone here tell me whether the forefoot region of the Intuition Alpine liners would take a silicone spray? I've had a look at pictures online, but I'm not 100% clear and I'd like to be sure before committing to this purchase.

Many thanks in advance!
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I do not know if a silicone spray is safe with your liners.

However.....many of the silicone sprays sold in the U.S. also contain hydrocarbons. Read the label and stay away from any spray that contains both silicone and hydrocarbons.
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Thanks...it's not so much safety I'm asking about, rather simply is the material on the outside of the forefoot region of the liners of an absorbent sort of material, that you can imagine would soak up a spray?

Sorry for any confusion
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Splain me spray why ? Pleez.
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Er...if I understand the question correctly -- the reason I spray my liners with silicone is that the shells leak...I put duct tape on them (the shells) and that reduces the amount of incoming moisture somewhat, but not enough...so I also spray the liners, which further helps in preventing moisture from reaching my feet.

Clear as mud now?
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You did. Have you tried repairing the shell cracks ?
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No, there are no shell cracks to repair. Langes are notorious for leaking, especially after having been stretched (and mine were, in the forefoot region). There is nothing I can do about this leaking except the duct tape and silicone spray route AFAIK.
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scuff the underside of the overlap, pry the boot apart and apply a bead of silicon sealant in the area of the overlap and the front end at the water dam, re seat thewater dam into the silicon before it cures and leave the boot wedged open until the rest of the silicon drys...this forms a neat seal all the way up to the second clip
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One reason, among several, that CEM's advice is good:

Even if the liners aren't affected by the spritz, the Intuitions can slop around in the boot as they pack out. They also pack -in-, see. Very unnerving to have motion between boot and liner. Silicone will lubricate this motion.

Or you could try a boot glove.
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1) ALL boots leak

2) you might want to try to invert the overlap on the front of the boot. If the left side is on top, pry the rightside on top and that will decrease the gap, and make them more waterproof.
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[quote=mntlion;941014]1) ALL boots leak

Tch-Tch-Tch Mntlion,

My boots never leak unless the water gets really deep when I go fly fishing.

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Many thanks for the various pieces of advice. I've now realised I'm going to have to fix the leaks if for no other reason than I want to be able to recook the Intuitions when they pack out and the silicone might be...interesting...in the oven!

Thanks again, guys, much appreciated
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Are you absolutely sure the moisture is coming from the outside in?
I think a lot of feet sweat more than their owners can imagine. I've found this to be the case with my kids. Wet boot liners but dry between the liner and the shell. If this is your problem then it might get worse with the Intuition liners.
I like the performance of my Intuition liners but they do not dissipate moisture as well as the original liner from Fischer so my feet feel wetter. I'm going to try a thin poly sock liner under my wool socks this year to see if I can keep the moisture away from my feet.
Yes, I know that's considered bad form and yes I already use antiperspirant.
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Yes, at least some of it is coming in from the outside. The insides of the shells are sometimes quite moist. But that's an interesting point to consider about sweating and the Intuitions; I hadn't heard that.

Oh well, I'll try the ideas given here and pop a pair of Intuitions in, and if it doesn't work at least I haven't spent as much as a new pair of boots!

Thanks again guys
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FWIW, the Intuitions might very well solve the outside water problem on their own, if the overlap on top of your foot is sufficient.
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