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Seven Springs to again operate Laurel?????

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Breaking news from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:


No word from the DCNR so this appears to be a quick grab by Seven Springs. Time will tell if their interest is sincere.
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So would 7 Springs keep it shut down to squash the competition?

PA is fully dependent on man-made snow. I think it would be great to have a second ski area, but I wonder if 7-S will operate it, or just keep it in their back pocket.
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Good question, no answers. I guess we wait and see.
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7S may be using it to hide profits etc...as losses.
We may open if we can........more homes, County build this, that...kick backs etc. Then say....its still a looser...good bye. And they get their homes, roads, etc.
Or they can open it....But how it would be profitable?....3 ski areas so close?
All this negativity....said. I hope she opens. Love to ski it again with my kids.
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Doubt very much if it will open this 08-09 season....and then a lot can happen--Re: viz-a-viz state promised $$$.....even then 6.5 mill
state $$`s can`t be enought to make it viable......plus other input of $....
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There has got to be something to this.....There Laural sits...alone, waiting to be sold. Allegedly a buyer is in the market...the State offers 6.5 Mil to "operate" it and SS jumps in...

Sure, I'll "operate" your hill for 6.5 Mil. Lets see. CEO of snow making...paid 40k, at SS he'll get 10k. Salary package..50k. Hide salary in the State's budget.
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Just a note---The Area was turned over to the State many years ago---by the western Pa. conservancy, with the caveat that it CANNOT be sold----conservancy has placed many constrictions on what the State can do...drawing water from the stream---return flow back into the stream, etc.---it cannot be sold only leased...
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As much as I would LOVE to see it open and stay open so I (we) had some interesting terrain to ski finally...I won't hold my breath. Too much red tape with the DCNR, Mellons, the engineering of water holding for snow making, the need for an updated snow making system, new lifts, lease restrictions, lack of lodging, etc. $15M minimum to update and remain open for a full season.

IMO, 7S needs to open the Western before messing with LM or the home owners/passholders will revolt. They have been promised for years and years with nothing to show for it.

Maybe it will open next year (I sincerely hope so), but I think 7S has too much on their plate to seriously consider/devote to this right now. Hopefully a company can be found to operate it soon.
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Where did you get the $15M for updates. I would have thought that the $6.5M figure from the State wasn't just pulled out of a hat. If all the cash except the assets from the bank are from the State then that shouldn't hinder anything at the Springs. There are enough construction companies around and besides my bet is that any improvement done at Laurel will be done by the DCNR with 7S or who ever gets the lease consulting. Just my guess.
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I know one of the guys who put a survey together for Buncher. $10-$15M needed. The State's $6.5M, from what I understand is less than half of what's needed for new lifts/improvements and full snow making. Without full snow making, it's pointless to try to even open. Who's kicking in the additional money? This survey was done 2 years ago, with price increases since then, I'd guess that realistic number has gone up another 15-20%.
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Sad part from what I hear is all the restrictions. You can't get water from here, you can't build houses there, you can do this, or that! You can't even sell it.

It's almost like someone wants the place to fail.
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That's the DCNR for ya. They will be the death of the place. That's why I wonder what 7S wants to get into that mess for when they really need to open the Western that's been promised for nearly 10 years.
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Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania is set to speak today at Democratic National Convention. Maybe we can get a Denver Bear in the hall to wave a big sign in front of network cameras, 'Pardon Laurel's Death Sentence'
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