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TR: Paradise and Cowlitz Glaciers, Mt. Rainier

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TAY month 46 was accomplished on an amazingly beautiful day last week. I met up with SnowBell from turns-all-year.com and he guided me to an incredible run of at least 2500 vertical feet (reached through over 4000 vert of ascent, including a re-ascent of 800 vert).

We started at Paradise (5400 ft) and ascended via the Muir Snowfield. There was no snow at all below Pebble Creek, and we decided to pack our boots in the bindings and wear running shoes on the approach.

We cut on to the Paradise Glacier just below Anvil Rock (about 9000 ft), making about 1400 vert/hr, a fast pace for me with skis and boots on the pack, and had lunch before putting on skis.

There was a big bergschrund at the top of the slope, and we had to skirt crevasses along much of the run.

Surface was mild to moderately suncupped, but with a nice soft layer on top. Slope angle varied with some nice rollovers that were about 35-40 degrees and otherwise about 30 degrees to my estimation (I never bothered to measure).

At the runout, we re-ascended on skins with ski crampons (would have been easier just boot-packing, in retrospect- the sun cups made grip sometimes tenuous on the 35+ degree slope) followed by a pretty hairy Class 4 climb up about 20 feet of frighteningly loose rock. Another 500 or so vert of skiing on gentle slopes took us to the Van Trump Monument on the Skyline Trail where we took off the skis, and in another 1.7 miles we were back at the Paradise parking lot.
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Rainier continued...

These pictures cannot even begin to depict the majesty and unbelievable vastness and enormity of this place. It is big beyond belief, and although there were plenty of other climbers on the ascent we did not see another soul on the glacier.
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Awesome, I almost wish I lived near the Cascades again. Way to keep it going.

It doesn't look like I'll manage to make it in August this year, the snow's too far, and the gas too expensive, to manage it.
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Just outstanding, dp.

Way to go!

Looks marvelous.
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