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Chronic Dislocating Shoulder Ski Injury

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hello, When i was younger (around 14/15) i injured my shoulder during a ski accident in a terrain park. Throughout the the past years i have had a problem with a chronic dislocating shoulder and looking into surgery at this point in time. The only problem is that I don't know if I should have a surgery of this kind before I go back to school in September and before this winter season? has anyone had a surgery to repair a dislocating shoulder recently and how much Physical Therapy was needed plus how long did recovery actually take? also has anyone been able to do exercises to stabilize their shoulder and possibly prolong the time to actually get this surgery done. (if you have any good exercises you know of let me know as well) I have to make a decision soon about when to have this surgery (either this summer or next) so any insight would be great! thanks so much!
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I had mine repaired about 5 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was in a sling (except when I was at PT or doing exercises) for about 6 weeks. Wearing the sling was more to keep me from accidentally moving it into a bad position (like externally rotating it) than to keep it fully immobilized. Some movement, as long it's safe movement, is good for the shoulder. I went to PT for about 6 months after the surgery, but I was able to become active before I was done with it (I forget the details around what I was allowed to do, and when).

As for when you should do it, that depends on what it's impacting most, and what you really want to be able to do. You will be out of commission from some activities for a little while. I personally wouldn't do the surgery in the fall unless the shoulder's getting really bad, because it's going to impact your ski season. I waited until April to get the surgery, when the ski season was mostly over. I didn't want to longer 'cause I wanted it to be 100% by the time next ski season rolled around.
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My shoulder came out nearly every year after the first time, (which was bad) and after 4 total outs, I decided to have the surgery. No regrets, just can't quite reach as high as my left arm than my right. I would say, it depends. If it comes out quasi regularly, I would get the surgery done, period. Because no amount of PT will fix what you got, as when you stress the joint, it will always fail in the same spot. That is what the surgery corrects.

The recovery and rehab is not hard, but time consuming until you are back 100%. IMO, get it done, do the time and PT, resume regular life. The more you stress it, the worse the issue is. I would get it done, ski next year. Why stress about it anymore. But consult a Ortho, find out your options, make an informed decision. Good luck and i feel for you, lol. Been there, had that.
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thanks so much for the help. I will be consulting my ortho doc. and will hopefully make the best decision i can. thanks
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