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Saving skier Ryan.

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Ok The title is a cheap ripoff of the Movie "Saving Prvite Ryan."
I got to do some turns with Ryan today.We met early AM at Park city and I was able to get in a few runs before heading off to work.We had a great morning vary clod early on but the sky was that perfect blue that you can only get at altitude.Ryan you need to quite your job and move to a ski town!
Bob It was a pleasure skiing with you. I Had a great time. I am so sorry about taking you down Double jack.That run had some of the uglist bumps I have ever seen.Not even sure I would call them bumps.Not sure what you could call that mess and not have AC or dchan cencer this post.
Anytime you can make it back here I will be more then happy to ski with you and show you some of the locals runs.Tell your Girl friend that I say hello.She is really a fine lady.It was nice to meet her. Hope you had a good stay here in Park City.
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Re Double Jack, a little torture can be good now and then. How else to know pleasure? I had a blast and appreciated the tips, which I took over to KING CON. I rode that line-free for three hours. A dream. There were some bumps - mild, do-able - right under the chair, and Eureka offered a lot of room to work, too. Like I said, crowdless and cloudless, and the cold hung around all day, keeping the snow dry and pleasurably soft-chalky. Great stuff. As you know there are some mild cruisers off that lift, too, and I ran some "hill hog" drills carried over from the previous day's DV lesson. Big, swooping, turn-up-the-hill turns from side to side.
Your neighbor Tom DID take me up McConkey's and we rode that a couple times. You two are great to ski behind; it does seem to help, following good form and smooth moves. (Rode TOWN CHAIR a couple times. I saw two people.)
Oh, and I did get over and run the NASTAR. I didn't see my second time but I know it was slower than my first. More speed-scrubbing than actually turning but I made the gates and look forward to doing it again.

Thanks again, UTAH, that was a helluva good time. [img]smile.gif[/img]!

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