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people at keystone

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im planning a sprin break trip for me and my freinds. three out of the 5 wanted to go skiing and two of them wanted to go to cancun. well the three smart ones (including me) got our way and were going to keystone during spring break... the guys (were all single) was wondering how many ladies will be bouncing around up there in middle march. and also what are some of the cool places at night at keystone( we dont need to be driving anywhere) we are staying at the resort so short walk would be great.

thanks in advance
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My advice would be to go to Cancun instead.
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Well, Shawn, it will be Spring Break, so you never know what will happen. But of all the Summit County areas, Keystone is probably LEAST known for its nightlife. You'll find the Snake River Saloon, with a live band in the bar. And perhaps something happening over in the River Run area, maybe the Great Northern Tavern.

But if you're really looking for nightlife, you'll want to figure out a way to get to Breckenridge. There is a free shuttle bus in the County, but it doesn't run all night. If I were you, I'd head to Breckenridge even if I had to WALK, and find a "lady bouncing around"--who has a car!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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How in the hell did you get tricked into going to Keystone for Spring Break????

Bob Barnes hit the nail on the head: find a way to Breckenridge. Rent a car if you have to, or take the Summit Stage (a free bus service). The ignorant in our county just passed a new sales tax increase so that the stage can extend its hours into the early morning to serve as a free drunk taxi (can you tell how i voted?).

There are loads of fun bars that host spring break crowds in Breck. Go there.

If you really are stuck in Keystone, try the Goat and Kickapoo tavern. Good luck.

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I'd have to agree with the other guys, head to Breck.
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From my past experiences on Spring Break in college; mountain towns are not the place to meet women (5 guys to every 1 girl) - go to Cancun for that. I always looked at it like this: I can be drunk and stupid any weekend at school and meet lots of women any time, but I could only get so many days of skiing a year in during college. You have to have priorities (I went skiing every spring break). However; I agree with every one else your best chances are in Breck.
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If you can get the real estate during the day, the Beach at A-Basin, is a fun place to hang out.
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Shawn do not let us scare you about staying at Keystone. I much prefer Keystone and A-Basin over Breck for skiing. As others have mentioned the Goat, Snake and Kickapoo should keep you busy for a couple of nights. It is easy enough to take the bus over swan mtn road to Breck for the nights.
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thanks KIMA!!!! everyone had me worried... i thought i wasted alot of money on reservations.... i got a question though exactly hoe late does the fre bus run to breck and back....
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Shawn, check out Summit Stage Info
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We stayed in a house in Silverthorn? right off the highway last year...near that Chili's on the road to Keystone. Sad but true...nightlife around there is non-existant. If you head to Breck, get a designated driver. That county has one of the highest DD rates in the country. Plus, the road between the two areas is pretty sketchy...and downright scary the few times I've had to drive it while snowing.

Your best bet is hit the Keystone village at the end of the day to indulge. Then head home, and hit the hot tub with a few beers. Eat dinner and go to bed early so you can wake up early(hopefully avoiding the hangover too) ;^) My experience in "most" ski towns is similar to that mentioned above...no women and too many dudes staring at the only good looking one in the bar...who is either married or has a serious boyfriend.

We're going out to Copper in the beginning of March to stay with a few buddies that live/work there. One bartends, so knows most of the people in town. I'm hoping it is a more lively scene than last year at Keystone. I'm sure you'll have a good time with your buddies.

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