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interior BC for the 08/09

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So a long time lurker becomes a first time poster...

trying to figure out the upcoming winter, and whilst managing to do loads of research on the respective BC resorts, all i've really achieved is to confuse myself silly. I'm a skier, looking to do more touring this year. My girlfriend is a boarder who wants a big inbounds, and isn't interested in anything that might require a beacon. Further, we would both be looking at high end serving jobs, so as to work nights, ski days. And we would dearly like to live very close to the mountain. (spoilt by Fernie last season i think) Below is my current take on what there is.

Revelstoke. Awesome terrain. Great snow. limited infrastructure. jobs may be hard to come by. accommodation will be almost impossible to arrange. good touring. The town is full of redneck types.

Golden. Great terrain. Can be very average snow. town situation is better re. jobs/accom. Lift system is a bit average. touring is very good.

Fernie. (Was there last season looking for something different)

Big White. Big Flat. Big Fog. good snow, but too many aussies... good mountain for the missus, but perhaps not so for me? (can anyone comment on touring out of big white?)

Whitewater. too small for the lady. otherwise sounds great.

Red Mountain. could be an option? haven't heard great things about red to be honest, so would be happy to be corrected.

Sun Peaks. good snow. not an overly challenging mountain. i get the feeling it's close enough for good touring options, but i haven't seen any reports on what lift-accessed touring is like.

Not keen on the Banff/Canmore area. And while Whistler sounds awesome, we both prefer light fluffy snow to the coastal stuff. Apex/silver star sound too small.

Would love to hear advice or opinions from people. At the moment I think that I'm just trying a little too hard to tick all the boxes, and at some point i'm going to have to start compromising!!

thanks in advance
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What have you heard about red? It gets a bit of rain because of the elevation, but probably not much worse than fernie.
I really like red and i think rossland would be a fun place to spend a season.
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heard about the rain - and not a massive amount of terrain. (though what there is looks pretty sweet). and i heard the season is short compared to other bc resorts? what's the town like as well? lots of tourist/restaurant traffic in the winter? or is it more of a locals hill?
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I think red skis bigger than other resorts of simmilar size because almost all the terrain is gladed. If you like the trees, red is hard to beat. If you are looking for alpine terrain, kicking horse is a better choice.

Rossland is a very small town. I think it is less than half the size of fernie and gets less tourist traffic. Tourism seems to be a huge part of the town's economy, but again, it is a small town. I have only been to rossland as a visitor but it feels as though there are fewer seasonal employees than other ski towns. Although tourists make up a significant portion of skiers at red, red has maintained more of a local feel than fernie. Also, the locals are really friendly and welcoming.
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If you look at what you want, Whistler is the place. A "high end service job" that lets you ski during the day is tough to find in a small place. Finding something like that in Fernie is impressive.

If you look back at the dump of snow we got in Fernie this year, most any other place will seem meager by comparison. You are worried that in Whistler is the snow isn't fluffy enough.....It seems to me that with the skis being made today quantity is more important than quality. Snowboards and modern powder skis should be the ticket to enjoying coastal snow.
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Another plus for WB is that even though there are some wet days, you'll be living there and can get all of the great ones. When the weather is crummy take a break, read a book, do the laundry, go shopping, see a movie, etc. You need to do that stuff anyway. The majority of the time you'll have great skiing.
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This is a great point from Posaune, hinting at the difference between trip planning and resort or near-resort living. Whistler is a great example. I'd be reluctant to plan (eg, plan ahead) a week in a place like that; living there is a different ballgame.

If I were going to live in a Western US/Canada resort, I'd choose much more based on the town and the scale of the skiing than on the snow record. As Posaune said, unless you're really unlucky, you're gonna get your epic skiing in if you live at a resort.
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