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Pre-Season Conditioning

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Yes, I know... Long time no post. I've been juggling a few writing gigs and book projects, which has left me with little time for "recreational posting." My most exciting new gig is with Examiner.com. I'm the new Colorado Mountain Fitness Examiner.

I'll be posting three times a week, and many posts will be related to ski and snowboard conditioning. There are two articles up there already, so come by and check them out.

We had a spot of snow in Breck last week, so ski season can't be far away!
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Lisamarie, I don't know if you give free advice but thought I'd ask.

While hiking around house I was walking uphill (pretty steep) on a logging road and was going at a good clip and taking big steps. Pulled a muscle in my left butt that connects to my left hip. Been taking it easy, walking on flatter ground, went to message therapist once. Anything special I can do to take care of it - miss my long fast hikes. thanks, if you don't anwer questions like this I understand. Pete
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Hey Pete! I have no issues whatsoever with free advice. The only problem I have is giving advice for injuries that have not been diagnosed. I'm a really big fan of using foam rollers for that type of pain, but, in some cases, that may not be appropriate.
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