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Does Your Backyard Look Like This?

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11/24/01 @ 1310 PST
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That is FROST my friend!
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Mine might look something like that if you drowned yours in an inch of rain.
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There is 4" now. That's been only an hour and some. They are forecasting 6-10" on the desert floor.
We be skiing at the hill Monday. Can you say Powder?

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My yard...

Come over and play. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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We'll do this...
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Tomorrow night is supposed to bring a denser storm than all the snow we've received over the last 5 days. We'll see.

My tele muscles are finally tuned for all day knee dipping action. I'm ready. Bring it on.

Well... except for my butt muscles. They're sore : Gotta strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch

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Don't be teasing me. I know how to get to Co. We are really starting to shape up for some great powder skiing in the Cascades. Clear and cold next week for a day or so and then here it comes again. I expect to see all the Pinners out Monday scarfing Necture.
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OMG! You Cascade snorkelers get mad snow quantity. You count it by the foot. Summit Co. gets angel dust by the inches. But it's all good because it's so damn high; so damn cold; so damn dry that what does fall doesn't melt until May.

You coming' over? ...or what?
Have fun Slider Guy.
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I love the Rockies. But the wife says she's liv'in in Oregon. Skied Timberline Friday and the old gluts are howling today. I'll be up for Monday never the less. Will you be at Fernie? I'm going to ski my way there via Idaho.
Go deep Telemon and may the sucker holes follow you.
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Your glutes howl? Isn't that called . . .
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Slider, your backyard looks great. I'll be on Hood sunday but we will be visting your Mt. soon.
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No. I'm waiting for the tulips to come out.

Supposed to start work yesterday. Instead we had a "review" of lesson plans while we watched the rain...... temps near 60 all week and..... no expected cold. East coast blues.
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This is my backyard. Should be open by mid week Nov. 28 approx. "The Bird" was great today. We have a bump of that Light Dry UTAH Powder.
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Sorry about the last post. Hopefully this one worked. If not I'm a skier not a Web Designer
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Give me a shout before you leave. Wasn't it Dec.8 or so?
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I'm on the fence about Fernie. I'm more inclined to visit Taos, Jackson and Alta/Bird cause they don't require airfair for me to get there. Wanna hook up for a trip to Taos? You know it's scary steep on the ridge. It'll be a blast if they have enough snow. I'm thinking February some time.

Maybe the Bird or Jackson would fit into your itinerary better.

Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? AC? Pierre? Lisa and Mark? Kima? Bong? Astro? NoPain? Anyone? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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As far as skiing in Feb. it all depends on where the snow is. But NOT SLC,I'm staying away from there this year. If there is snow in Fernie I will go there to hook up with SCSA,ect.
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Connecting with folks here for skiing is kinda hard to do. Especially if we're far from each other. I'll keep in touch with upcoming plans on the Meet-on-the-hill planning forum. I'd really like to connect with as many of you as possible.
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Yo Pinhead! Aren't you supposed to be moving to Maine this year?
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Yo, yo Lisamarie. You been hangin' in the hood? Or are you learnin' hood speak riding the T? I know, its that Kid Rock cd your kiddies keep playin'.

Yep, Maine is coming. UMaine School of Law in Portland to be precise. ...after this ski season is done in the Rockies Or at least towards the end of it.
I doubt I'll be here in April. It all depends on Ms. PinHed's bonus (she works and plays at Copper too.) Suzy Pinner/Tray Glider is the Summit County Sales Manager for Copper.

In the mean time, I'm putting together the east coast quiver of tele skis for Mr. PinHed as we speak. Rossi Hellgates get new clamps (HammerHeads) cause the SkyHoys are sucking. And, getting a new pair of Atomic TM 20's.

Let's get together sometime! Mark, Suz, me and you. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh, and UMaine School of Law is all about Suz. Yo! She gots da smarts in da famdamily.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
Wasn't it Dec.8 or so?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yep, Sat, Dec 8, Mt. Bachelor is the first PACRAT but we will be driving in on friday night and staying at the Inn of 7 to get the jump on the weekend. Some kind of party that the NW ski assoc. does.
the blitz page:
looking forward to seeing you there.
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Send me a PM where to meet you on the hill.
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This is my backyard. So, if it's that deep in the parking lot imagine how deep it is at the top of Germania! An absolute skier's paradise! 11" today on top of 11 last night brings our total since Thanksgiving to 107"!!! We open Wednesday and you'll find deep powder, face shots and over 85" of settled snow at mid-mountain. See you on the slopes! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I hope this picture came across. Sorry about the other post.
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#rd time is the charm. I hope.
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Looks like your going to be a webmaster yet. Nice shots. Looks like that SUV is going to tip over. Skied Mt. Bachelor yesterday with about 45 inches of pack. No base yet off the groomers so it was face shots and big rocks. Glad I took some old Blizzards. Boy did those old boards take me for a ride. Must be the skis cause I couldn't be out of shape.
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Hey PIG!

Careful, don't park that too close to the road like that, the Plow guys will get it!
(never saw it really!)
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Slider -

Are your Blizzards shaped skis or old fashion straight skis. I took my 203 cm. Salomon Equipe 3Ss (the last pair of straight skis I bought) up to Big Sky Sunday for my first day. The snow was soft crud turning into moguls and I just couldn't turn the 3Ss. Luckily the rocks were minimal so I went to the car and got out some Mountain Viper 10.2s I bought for early season skiing. Man, did the skis make a difference in the amount of energy I expended. I skied 4 hours straight on the Vipers and there is no way I would have lasted that long on the straight skis.
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They are 205cm slalom ski(straights)about 4 years old now. I also have the 205cm Salomon 3s great skis. About 3 feet of new that had started to settle and was very heavy and wet w/ no base. As long as I was tuned it was effortless,but as soon as I got tired and wasn't on them it was all downhill from there. Skied with a guy at least 5 years older(55?)and he was on Volant Chubs Ti or something like that,the guy just followed me around till I wore out. Good skier. I took him down almost anything I felt was safe with minimal snowpack. I am out of shape right now but a few more days will help. Saturday and Sunday is a Clinic for the Adaptive Program,hope I mend up by then. As soon as they get another 2' I'll be on the shape skis. I hate getting old.
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