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Since I only make it up to go skiing about once a year and then only have five or six days on the slope, the time commitment required for a lesson often seems not particularly worth it. I can ski at a level that, while not nearly expert, is very enjoyable. The chance that I will have less time on the slopes or less enjoyable time as a result of the lesson is simply not worth it. If I had a larger amount of time available, I would definitely take a lesson or two so that I could master the bumps and powder. For me, it is mostly an issue of time costs vs potential benefits.
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Well I do take lessons, but they have all been of the group persuation. I only get to ski once or twice per year and this is a vacation. I take at least one lesson each time, usually on the second day. I would love to sign up for a good private instrustor for the wife and me but I cannot justify the cost, especially considering the few days I ski a year. Last season I went west for the first time, Breckenridge. Just looking on their website now, it would have cost me about 3 times as much for a few hours private as our group lessons cost me. Now if I skied more often, the added cost might be worth it.

I have had reasonable experience with group lessons so far. There has been a little bit of the instructors contradicting each other but it seems to me that it has mainly been instructors in early classes over doing things to get you to do right. But I also do a little bit of a Jeckyl and Hyde when I get in a lesson. Normally I am a very quiet, passive person. But in the lessons I speak every time I am given the opportunity to make sure that my comments, questions, problems, insights, etc. are heard and addressed.
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Then hopefully we'll see you at the EpicSki Academy next season in Utah!

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Jeez, freeskier, you should have bailed up the ski school boss immediately. That's revolting!

I went up skiing for 2 days this week. It's very early season and not much is open. Met up with the guy who gave me my first "formal" ski lesson back in 1998, and I had him off and on since then (in Masters). It's funny for him, remembering what a clueless counter-rotator and heel pusher I was then, and now I'm qualified in his trade! (He's got kids who are also instructors, and does Switzerland-Australia).

I remember that first lesson, terrain was limited by the lack of snow, so on a bunny hill, he taught us 7 different turns! It was awesome, and I've used every one since. Even the 'lazy swiss" which is a full body counter-rotation for traverses and long turns. (PSIA would have a conniption, but it's a very useful thing to have in the bag).
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