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Snow Conditions in Summit County....

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I must say that from reports and weather outlook alone, I'm nervous for my trip that starts thursday. Locals, whats the scoop? Do I bring my new 10.ex's or leave em home and wait for my utah trip? I think they're great on all surfaces, but if the coverage isn't good, i'll stick to my 9.22sl's the whole time. Any advice?
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I dunno about Keystone and Breck, but I know Copper is fine -- 100% open.

Vail/Beav has plenty of snow.

So are you going to meet us at Copper? Check the thread, Colorado Bears Gathering.
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Well I can only comment on Vail.

It is excellent. Lots of new snow and excellent coverage. Yes there are still a few snow snakes to be found in some of the lower bumped up pitches BUT basically the whole mountain is looking and skiing fantastic. There is more snow forcast and during the week the place is pretty well deserted. Leave the 10.EX at home because there is no real need for all that flotation anyway. IMHO Vail is no 10.EX mountain anyway even after a foot of fresh. Rip the place apart on the Atomics instead or bring both pairs and maintain you choices.


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Thanks for the info. SCSA, Trying to make it over on Friday. Saturday I'm committed to Vail, and I have a meeting on Sunday. Will do my best to meet up. Will post more to the other thread....
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Mrs. Skicrazy & I skied Keystone on Sunday. Mostly packed powder on the named runs. In the trees, it was hit and miss (some pow, and alot of rocks). Not to bad, but they could use several feet more. We are expecting some snow starting tomorrow.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Skicrazy:
Mrs. We are expecting some snow starting tomorrow.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Keep it coming
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Well, IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just for you, Ray!
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The new snow today is excellent. A nice top up. I reckon we are looking at the best conditions this week that we have seen so far this season.

Not deep but nicely covered and very few people. I am looking at a week off to ski with my boy yehaaa...

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same deal we leave thursday for keystone anybody have any current info, best I can tell it looks like really cold weather but no snow that amounts to much.pray for snow thanks bteddy
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