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Skateboard/Skiing helmet?

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Posting here because boarders seem to be more hip to helmets than skiers. And they skateboard a whole lot more.

Are skate board helmets acceptable for skiing/boarding...?

My 3 yr old has a ski helmet but is just about ready for a new bike/skateboard helmet. If it can be used for all three, I may spend a bit more. I want a uncovered ear, but something that goes to his coller. Something that LOOKS like a Protec Skate helmet, but it cannot be a PROTEC...they are not rated. Has to be a skate and bike rated helmet.

Price range 20-45 bucks.
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Why not Pro-Tec? They are rated for bike use and have several models that are for Snow, Skate, and Bike. Multi use. The Ace and the B2 I believe cover all three sports. Just sayin'...
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Ok, I see where you are getting that. Weird, same model, but I guess they make one for each sport. I thought they had a couple of universal models. Wendy helmets definitely makes a multi use helmet. Not sure for what sports it's rated for. I think Bern may have a couple models that do this too. Not sure about the look for you.
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Ski Helmet!

FWIW, there are a few io is "skiers" that also still use skateboards

I'd use a ski helmet for biking or boarding without much worry, but not a bike/board helmet for skiing. Plastics react differently in different temeratures. They get more brittle in cold weather so a helmet made for boking or skating is tested in warmer conditions, so I suspect it could crack or shatter easier in cold weather A helmet made for cold weather use would probably just be more flexible in warmer temps, still not optimal, but the lesser of the two evils
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Thanks all....

The Bern helmets not only look cool, they seem to be rated for all. Wendy are nice as well, I saw them on other websites but never clicked....thinking they were "woman's helments" First thing on the website? A marine....they make lots of helmets.
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I'm no great expert but my nephew has a Bern BN-00145 suitable for larger heads (of which his is!)


I believe that is a multi-sport helmet.



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