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for someone just starting out i find they end up trying to get too tight and jam on the brakes and skid below the stubbie or gate. going wide gets them turning more at the top of the turn, gets them thinking about line and avoids getting tangled up when first starting out. Not something i would advocate doing for long and only for very early stage people new to closed courses.

Good point. What I also like to do to "control" the line a bit is to set extra stubbies (e.g. pairs in the rise line) to get the racers to hold a clean line rather than jamming.
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yep that is great tool as well to set some "target" carrots to give em something to aim at. Your method is better for first timers
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All I can say (being a DH'er) is dont focus too much on the gate itself. I used to tend to over-focus on where and how I'm hitting the gate. Just try to visualize the line and take the gates out of the equation.
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Welcome to the really fun aspect of ski-racing--body contact! The sound of a rapid gate thwacking the snow/plastic/grass with a really nice rythm is a strange kind of music which never fails to excite! One of the differences I've noticed between a good run and a bad run is the fact that after a good run I can recall being very aware of my feet and not very aware of my upper body and after a bad run I can totally recall my body actions and have no memory of what my feet were doing! It seems my body can take care of itself if I get my feet happening. Have fun and enjoy the contact!
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Originally Posted by skimottaret View Post
narc, what dome do you train at? I figure you are near chill factore as you say new dome. I coach at Milton Keynes and can introduce you to some people there if you are down south...
Yes it's chill factore. I will be moving back down south at some point next year but probably closer to the the new one being built at hemel. Thanks for the offer, if I'm nearby I'll give you a shout.

Nothing like trying gates to show up flaws in your technique! I'm having trouble getting my body far enough inside the gate, I have the tendency to use too upright a stance with too much angulation. It's also so easy to get back when there are gates in the way! Part of the problem is that I'm totally self taught. Right now everything is happening a bit too quickly and I'm skidding many turns.

My skis are atomic SL12s in 160. I love them but at 145lbs and at my ability level I need to have some speed to be able to bend them enough to get them to work. Occasionally I get caught out with the rebound or they whip round a little quicker then I was expecting but they are pretty forgiving. Some guys are on 155 skis, perhaps indoor and dryslope courses are set tighter then usual.

Thanks for the advice in this thread guys.
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