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Like to feel the snow beneath your skis again, and can't wait for winter? The ski resorts of New Zealand are getting plastered with the most snow seen in the last fifty years, in some cases, and it's still coming down.

All resorts from Mt Hutt in Canterbury and north are reporting nine feet or more of base, when in a normal year 3-5 feet for the entire season would be more the norm. The exceptions are the usual destination resorts in Wanaka & Queenstown (Treble Cone, Coronet Peak etc) which seem to be missing out. An unusual weather system has been sitting off the south of Australia pumping wave after wave of cold, snow-bearing fronts onto the Alps of the South Island and Mt Ruapehu in the North Island.

Some Pics:

Perfect skiing on the Tasman Glacier

Diggging out the day lodge at Mt Hutt

Buried chairlift at Mt Ruapehu

Bluebird at Mt Olympus