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got some new skis

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So today I picked up some Dynamic VR 17's and Atomic Race 412s for 120 bucks. I'm pretty excited about getting an easier skiing short ski. This is being added to a volkl P60 race stock GS, fischer race stock slalom and dynastar mythic rider. I'm thinking about getting something really fat for the deep powder days though. So did i get ripped off on the VR 17? Any suggestions on the fat skis?
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Well Dynamic is an Atomic brand, and seem to be mostly marketed to Europe. The last review I heard of their skis suggested they were still a quality ski, so if they are in good shape, or new, then it's a reasonably good deal methinks. Though the Atomic Race bindings did have some problems during certain model years.

Here is a thread that discussed Atomic bindings, and some of the issues that occurred with the Race/Xentrix bindings.
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yea it's all new left over equipment. This was one of those "it's been months since I've bought new skis" moments. So the real question is the last part, what true fat skis should i buy?
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I'm 6'2, 220 lbs, 25 years old, former collegiate racer, quickly gaining powder experience after two years in alaska.
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You should start a "What powder ski should I buy" thread. So hot right now.

Maybe some Big Daddies?
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Originally Posted by daveh View Post
. So did i get ripped off on the VR 17? ?
Ripped off on a VR17? No Way!


Heck, I just picked up another pair this week for a friend who is turning 40 and needs something a bit retro.

There are many permutations of that ski....what are the specs of yours? (By the way, they were never a 9:18 in a new top).

Those bindings have always worked for me.
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