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Press - Stop Utah Bashing

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Before reading any further, realize that I am not Mormon, and have no plans to become Mormon.

I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but...

I am really getting sick of the international and national press bashing Utah, SLOC, Salt Lake City, Utah Liquor Laws, and Mormons. Didn't your paper send you here to write about the games? Some of the crap that I have seen/heard posted by these twits is unreal.

I moved to Utah 1.5 years ago, and all my friends laughed. One of them said, "3.2 beer and girls that don't put out, what are you thinking?" I said, "theres gotta be something about that place." Well there is, and if some of the international press community would take the time to investigate before they report, then they might see the light that I took the time to find.

When I first moved out here, I thought I moved to the Little House on the Prarie. I could not believe what I had got myself into. Everything seemed to stop on Sundays, beer was difficult to find, as well as many other inconviences (read State Run Liquor Stores). Then I woke up and realized that my life was under my own control.

I started to learn about the local religion, I asked questions, I listened. What I learned was that this place is a good time. I found that nobody cared that I was not Mormon out here, nobody even tried to get me to "switch". Try that in the rural Midwest. I found bars that served my favorite lagers, I met girls, I met friends (in bars, and other places). In short, I opened my eyes to what Utah has to offer.

Sure, all but a few liquor stores close by 7:00 pm, but some stay open until 10:00 (yes I know thats early), you just have to plan ahead. You can almost always get beer at a grocery store. Sure 3.2 beer is weak, but so what, if you want to get hammered, do a few shots. Sure you have to be a member of a "Private Club" to drink, just think of it as a years cover for $15. Open your eyes people.

Since the games have started, I have not had any person from the LDS church hand me any material about their organization. I have been handed letters bashing the religion, promotion others, complaining about something that China is doing, and non-LDS tours of Temple Square. But never anything about Mormons, by Mormons. I have not had any trouble getting a beer, at any venue, store, bar, or sidewalk. And I have been downtown almost every night.

There is a columist that writes for the Denver Post, Woodie something, who has been bashing the Salt Lake Games regularly. He has even written that Utah is doing more for Colorado skiing than all Colorado resorts could do combined. He stated, in his article on the 12th, that has sence been pulled from their web page, that Salt Lake is seriously dropping that ball with the Olympics. This article has been replaced by a bullshit appology that was written in haste due to the editors making him do so. It was insencere, appology not accepted. Hey Woodie, let me get your bag for you, personally drive you back to Denver, your not welcome here.

Since moving here, I have not understood why people bash Utah so bad. Utah is a great place to live, work and play. Do I agree with everything that goes on here? No. When I lived in Michigan did I agree with everything that happened there? No. Does everybody agree with everything that happens where they live? Yea right. Seems like a fun bandwagon to jump onto. Sure, I poke fun at things from time to time, but I have also taken the time to understand the culture out here. Utah is a beautiful state, with endless possibilities in recreation. Anybody who has skied or hiked here will agree. I just like to think of Utah Bashers as free population control. Thanks for keeping our population at 2.3 million, and my lift lines short!

Rant Off.
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And it may turn out that the Olympics are not that great for Utah either. Just as the Bears decided to avoid Utah in an Olympic year, it seems that most of the skiing public is doing so as well (hence the comment from the Denver guy that the Olympics are helping CO skiing). Article in Inside Tracks indicates that there are bargains galore to be had in Utah, because everyone is staying away for the whole season because of the Olympics. Point of the article is that this could actually be the best year to go to Utah to ski!
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If you dont like the Utah bashing then dont invite the whole world to your house and expect to only hear glowing reports
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Woody Paige (of the Denver Post) was a large, economy-sized dildoe when I lived in Denver/Boulder in the early 80s, and apparently continues to be.

My brother there always e-mails me his dumb columns, especially when he's bashing New York (he hasn't had the guts to publish any anti-NYC rants since 9/11, natch). But if you're going to be part of a world-class city, AltaSkier, you can't let backwater yokels of his ilk ruin your day.

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Poppa Woody

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Woody bashes NYC too! SlC's made the big time at last.. Saw Sale and Pelletier in the restaurant last night.. She's tiny. My kid's babysitter, a tall blond sweet LDS girl whom big-town modeling agencies chase around was having lunch at a large table at another joint when the entire Uzbeckistan {hocky?} team sat down with her and professed their undying love in a totally unintelligable language..You still can't buy crack on my street and it looks like there's more pow in the hills. It's like when I tell people who don't surf that I learned to surf on the east coast. They say" there's no surfing on the east coast." I reply; you're right. don't go there.
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Altaskier...Hey man relax. Once someone has been there they can see all the positives of the state.

Frankly, the Olympics could lead to some very fast growth possibilities. Good people looking for a very wholesome place to raise a family may decide to flock there.

Exponential growth is not good. Creates enormous headaches and problems.

So the bashing or better comments that would discourage a lot of people from moving there might not be all bad.

Skiers understand about the snow and they will come.

Let the others trickle in at a rate that "planned growth" can handle. On slaughts of new settlers probably not a good idea.

Utah, even before the Olympics stands on its own merits. Be glad...after all on a primo powder day, who needs larger traffic jams on the way to the freshies?
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Alta skier, although I feel your pain, get over it. : I mean... some of the stuff that goes on down there IS totally laughable: an unmarried virgin porn csarina; public proscecution for polygamy; ski resorts overrun with east coasters who think they own the place....

The Wasatch Brewing Company has the right idea.

Lest you think I don't get it, I live in the land that had gifted the USA with Ruby Ridge, Richard Butler and the ARyan Nations, and some of the highest meth use in the land. Fodder for disdain and ridicule, you bet. But it still doesn't compare to a virgin porn czar....

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Irulan:
But it still doesn't compare to a virgin porn czar....


Guys I totally agree, I'm not all bent out of shape, I'm just a little sick of the media right now. Coverage of the games has been like a roller coaster, people seem to love to jump on the "Utah is a wasteland band-wagon", and its just getting a little old.

Not a day goes by that I don't laugh my butt off at something some idiot is doing out here in the name of morality. I'd never even heard of a porn czar until I moved here. I'm just a little sick of hearing people who have never been out of their press boxes talk about how backwards Utah is. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Its a beautiful place.

Like I stated above, it was a rant, and I was just wondering if anybody else had noticed it.
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Somebody is Bashing me I'm hurt vary vary hurt........... Oh wait It's about the Olympics and the State of Utah... Never Mind
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I live in Jacksonville, FL. A few years back Woody Paige blasted Jacksonville before the Jaguars beat the heavily favored Broncos in Denver in the NFL playoffs.

Bashing other cities is obviously a crutch he uses to come up with a daily column. As a trained journalist myself, I find that sad.
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So do ze vomen put out or vot? Arnie vill be in SLC in early March und vill be lookin for some lovin.

If zere are any strip joints please let me know.
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Arnie; the strip joints are great; gorgeous wholesome corn fed blonds instead of the usual skinny junkies we're used to in dogtown.. or so I'm told.
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Hey, every place has its good, bad and ugly. Now I'm sorry I haven't read the paper here since last weekend, I missed all of that. Woody Page just amazes me sometimes at how much of an un-justified opinion he can come up with, on subjects that he has no first hand knowledge about. But for some reason there are a certain amount of people that read stuff like that and think it is worthwhile, hell, how does a paper like the Enquirer or the Star stay in business? It beats me.

Keep the faith, you have one thing out there that they can't make fun of and I'm personally envious of, that Wa-snatch pow! The next time you are floating in 2 feet of fresh, just chuckle to yourself or laugh out loud at eveyone who just doesn't get it!
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Hey Woody... The 80's called. They want their haircut back!
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alta skier,
I think every smiling idiot having a Guinness @ the goldminer's @ 4pm on a sunday would agree we do not mind the negative press.
those misperceptions have kept Californians, et al away for years. don't blow it now, have you been to Denver recently?

gotta go be one of those smiling idiots now.....
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They serve Guinness in SLC?

Nobody told me that!

Utah is back on my list of places to ski.

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Ya know "altaskier", most of what has been said in the press is true. Woody and his column are maybe a step too far, but face it. You live in a state controlled by a religious cult, you live in a state with weird drinking/morality laws.
I lived in Utah for 8 years, I loved the place and have fond memories, but! its a strange place.
There are as strange of laws on the books throughout the united states, the southeast comes to mind, and Atlanta was open minded enough to escape some of the scrutiny and publicity as utah, but when you host a worldwide event as the Olympics you and your culture will be inspected to the atomic level. In the end, its your home and you like it so "who really gives a f%^k anyway" F. Zappa
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
They serve Guinness in SLC?


I *think* if it's on tap, it's 3.2; only the bottles are available in anything stronger.

but what do I know?

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I dunno, but from what I've seen on the tube, Utah seems like a pretty awesome place. I think its pretty easy for most people with a grain of common sense to see through these bonehead reporters. And the ones that can't, well you wouldn't really want them visiting anyhow. The American people and Utah'ns seem like marvelous hosts. I'm gonna get there one day.
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The problem is not Utah, the problem is that you are reading newspapers and watching news programs on TV. If you want to survive in Utah you have to enjoy what there is and not care what goes on around you - at least not what other people feel is newsworthy. The average Utahn seems to really care what the rest of the world thinks of Utah.

Other than the Olympics this year - the world does'nt think of Utah.

No reason to crawl into the isolated black hole that a lot of Utah prefers to live in, but if you start really caring what others think you'll end up there. Just take it easy, stop reading any of the local newspapers and watching any local news, and keep skiing Alta.
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