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High Performance Boots

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I FINALLY got my Skiing Gear Guide and find the boot section confusing. This years reviews frequently note boot widths in mm. They mention 98mm performance, 92 - 98 mm as typically Race Boots, 95 mm being "World Cup". I've got to assume the width is consistent for a a set length. How can anyone make sense out of any of this? Some people have EE width fat feet while others (like me) have B width low volume feet. What sense does it make for 98mm boots to be high performance and 100mm - 102mm boots to be INTREMEDIATE unless you know the length? Are all people with wide feet INTERMEDIATES and everyone with a narrow foot EXPERT? I can tell you for sure I'm no exepert, but I need a narrow-low volume ski boot. Can anyone make sense out of this?
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The only boot that's good is one that fits...
No gear guide can tell you what fits and what doesn't.
It can narrow down your choices though
I do agree with your point though that it has been pretty much the status quo that the narrower the last the more performance oriented the boot is. Which IMO makes no sense whatsoever when you consider the variety of individuals feet.
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High performance boots are narrow in part due to the shell being thicker. It is expected that you will get them fitted for your foot. At least this is true with plugs. From a manufacturer's perspective I can see how this would make sense as “experts” are willing to pay more for a better product and typically know more about what they are getting in to.
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It's a magazine review... they need to group things together, this causes some confusion due to blanket statements that don't hold up under scrutiny. Don't stress about it, a magazine description of ski boots is 100% fluff, it cannot help choose a boot. Look at the pretty pictures, ignore the words.

That being said, here's another 'blanket statement';

In general, a higher performance skier has been skiing longer and is often more accustomed to a close fitting ski boot with a firmer liner. A more recreational skier is more interested in comfort and a puffy liner needs a wider shell, hence the wider last. Pretty vague, but thats more or less how it works.
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If you really are a "B" width then you can ski any of the race boots for width. There are no 92mm boots I am aware of but narrowest will be 95/96mm and each companies recreational race will be 98mm. You can ski the 96 if you can get a flex that works. If not, ski a 98mm as they will come in a wide range of flexes.

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lange and atomic both make a new boot for this season the lange world cup 160 [RL12 last] and the atomic slim Ti are both listed as 92mm

the boots are all measured in a 26.0/26.5 shell so will progressively get narrower or wider as you go down or up in size

STi is available in 100, 130 and 150 flex AFAIR
the lange is in ZA, ZB, ZC and up approx 110, 140, 160 and above

the reason all the wider boots are lower levels is lower level skiers will not tolerate the tighter fit [or they will but only if the boot is fitted properly]

as most boots unfortunately are bought on a try it on basis and the manufacurers want a bigger market share they make these boots wider so that you can put any width of foot in to will not fit the narrow foot but it will not feel too tight on the wider one...people with narrow feet have always suffered this problem...the solution is to find a good fitter who can work with you to find the thest boot for your feet and your skiing aspirations

good luck
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Thanks CEM. I'll try the STi and Langs in theri softest versions. They might be just the ticket.
Seeing the reviews talk about width without explainging the other sizing issues seemed to be, at least, misleading.
It's probably not right that I rant on some aspect of this subject every year. As a guy with narrow + low volume feet I get tired of being told I need a shorter boot because my foot is narrow. My probelm is not that the boot is too long it's that even with a snug shell fit, it's too wide!
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you will be lucky to find either in below the 130/140 flex in many stores, both these boots are pretty rare and whilst being listed as 92mm the lange is a completely different shape to previous models, there are some pics of a cut away [of the 97mm against the old 98mm] on the ask the boot guys forum second page title new lange plug

where i can easily accept that you have avery narrrow low volume foot there may be other things going on to make you feel the boot is loose, atomic make the Ti [95mm] in a 100 flex which we use for a lot of junior and women racers you could prehaps combine it with a different liner prehaps a foam or one of the new generation zip fit liners to absorb some of the volume and give you the best fit...above all find the best fitter you csan and work with them...if no one locally that is good enough then pick up the phone call one of the guys on here and travel

good luck with your quest, people with narrow low volume feet do suffer the hardest time to find a boot as other than race boots the availability is so limited
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Assume Colin is correct about width of new Lange and Atomic being 92, but cheer up any of the typical race lasts up to 98mm should be narrow enough. If 98 feels too wide there are plenty of 95/96 out there. Just shops retailers that work with racers.

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lou, personally i don't think it feels much narrower than the 95mm but the toe box shape is different and not so pointy this allows the toes to relax more than on the old lange which IMO is a great thing, as others have said in other discussions it is not as narroe as it sounds and the difference in shape make more of a difference than anything...i had a racer in a pair yesterday and he thought it felt really like his doberman with a touch more toe room 10mm shell check ish on the lange 12mm on the doberman..all about the toebox shape again
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