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Thoughts of the day

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Well, I was skiing at Sunshine Village today. It wasn't half bad, but it was WAY overcrowded, and the conditions were hardpark, moguls, and icy frozen cr@p.

Thought 1 - The holidays are not the best time to go skiing. There are too many beginners, too many intermediates, too many snowboarders, and especially too many snowlerbladers (just too many people in general).

Thought 2 - Why is it that all the black runs are so darn easy, then the doubles have rocks and grass (!) exposed, and Volkswagen sized moguls?

Thought 3 - Why do beginners go on the lift that clearly says NO GREEN RUNS?

Thought 4 - I saw so many side-slipping snowboarders I think I'm going to be sick...

Thought 5 - Why do resorts open runs just for the sake of opening them, instead of getting them in half decent condition to better withstand the side-slippers?

Thought 6 - Resorts do not need THAT many moguls!!!

Now I think I'm just gonna stop, I'm gettin a headache just thinking about all this...
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Two choices for holdiay skiing.

#1: Don't ski from December 27th through the first weekday after new years.

#2: Be first on the lifts, ski ahrd and fast, and when teh crowds arrive about two hours later, you got your runs in, leave early so you can get up early the enxt day and get your runs in early.

Also I have found that New Years Day until about 1:00 pm the slopes are deserted. Just ask the locals that ski Aspen on New Years.
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Wink's got my approach. Try to be on the first chair going up for the day, quit when you have to stand in line for longer than it takes to ski down the hill.
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Yah thats exactly what I did, except I was skiing with my dad so I only got around 10 runs in... At least the day wasn't wasted on good conditions (plus I gots me a season pass so no worries bout ticket prices).
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Always best to arrange ones life to ski during the week, away from holidays. If you can't (won't) then its just grin and bear it!
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