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No more old skis!!

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alright, so a few years ago i was skiing with some friends, overextended myself and got hurt. stopped alpine skiing for a few years, but really hauled on nordic skis (big, 210cm classics were my fave). then, friends convinced me to try alpine again...suddenly, i could ski! or, WAY better than i used to, anyway...so, i got really into it, skied about 20 times that winter on these awful old fischer carving skis with no bounce left in them. so,now i need new skis!!!

i have enough money for a really good all-mountain, but not enough for a quiver. i live in fairbanks, so mostly groomers and crud, some shallow powder and tree runs, but i want to take some trips down to anchorage and ski some powder. i'm 5'8, about 190 lbs. i'm confident on most blacks i've skiied, but then again it's only fairbanks and i've only really been into alpine skiing for a year.

so: atomic nomad crimson or blackeye? i was leaning toward the crimsons, since i heard one guy say they can do everything the blackeyes can do and then some. i guess this means their performance on all the groomers and crud, which is where i'll spend most of my time. i just want the OPTION to go enjoy powder when it's around!!

also: 176 or 169? there doesn't seem to be that much difference...the 169 is slightly shorter than me, the 176 slightly taller.

recommendations?? thanks!!!!
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190? 176.

PS you don't need bounce
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