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Dream Skis

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I had a dream...

I've got a pair of skis in my hand. They're black, but only after I peel off a white topskin-like cover. Then I have to peel very thin clear plastic off the black skis. It comes off in strips, so it takes a few pulls before I have the skis in their ready-for-bindings state.
I inspect them and see that they have a very wide shovel, a relatively narrow waist, and they are thin, and soft. (Very easy to flex.) Nothing about the length of the ski stands out. So I'm dying to know who manufactured the skis and after a quick search I find the Volkl logo. (At first inspection, I could find no logo and, oddly, I "assumed" they were Nordicas. ??? That is when I see the Volkl logo.)
They were a particular model, too, though I could not for the life of me remember the name, other than it began with a "C." When awake and trying to remember, I kept coming up with "Ceramic," though I doubted that immediately and suspected that was in my head due to reading a post yesterday about great ski deals, posted, I think, by Who's That Girl, in which she alluded to some "ceramic" model of a particular ski she got a great deal on. So I can't recall what the C-word was.
I do know, though, that I thought the dream skis were quite cool.

That is all, Herr Jung.
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was the C perchance for "Carver"?

Jung's Frau
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"See you next tuesday"?
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more likely plain old CRAZY...
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C to Sky highway?

I C trees of green?

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It's always good to see true character displayed on this forum ... C ---> Dr. MLK Jr.
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And that C would be for "cryptic."
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Is that one of those dreams where you had to clean up?
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perhaps you could be more specific?. you seem to be drawing from personal experience, and i'd hate to presume.

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The passage refered to is the present tense part of the speech stating "I have a dream. That someday people will be judged for the content of their character..."
The content put on this forum is a source of enjoyment here !!!! Quite the bunch of characters.
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You bastard! Those are the skis I am looking for in my ski dreams, which invariably involve me not being able to find all my kit while everyone rips a powdered, sunny mountain.
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By the way, when I enter "dream skis" into the google image search, the squirrels therein decide on telemark skis, specifically the (yellowish) K2 World Piste.
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Originally posted by ryan:

I inspect them and see that they have a very wide shovel, a relatively narrow waist, and they are thin, and soft. (Very easy to flex.)
Soft skis? Sounds more like a nightmare. I'd try and have a different dream.
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Freud, like Clementine, may indeed be gone, but not forgotten. For that reason, I feel "firm" in not pursuing discussion pertaining to the "softness" or "rigidity" of the skis.

(Last night, by the way, I dreamt my skis - very stiff and manly - were sticking in the "soft, virgin" snow at an approximate 60-degree angle. Little snowballs lay upon the stuff where the skis entered.
Shall I continue? It gets really good.
Did I mention the skis had wings and spit fire?)

[ July 16, 2002, 11:46 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Much better.
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I've dreamt of snow, tonight.
I was riding a snowboard!
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